Fever still focused despite recent losses

By Ericka Sanders | Sept. 6, 2009
This is not the Indiana Fever team that won 11 games in row.

They're losing at home and on the road. They're injured and they're tired.

However, they have not lost sight of the goal at hand. They have not lost confidence either, too much pride for that. They haven't lost faith in each other although a talk here and there has been needed.

"We've talked about the adversity that every team goes through," said Tamika Catchings. "It's one of those things where you look at the losses and you continue to build off of them, learn from them and move on."

Some players have been in shooting slumps, leading to a possible lack of confidence. But, the bottom line, she says, is to have fun.

"At the end of the day that is what it's about, having fun," she said. "You have to have confidence, believe in each other and stick together."

Sticking together will be important as the Fever hits its final stretch of the regular season. After the team's 72-61 win over the Washington Mystics at Conseco Fieldhouse, the final three games are on the road against New York, Chicago and Connecticut. While they are 7-7 on the road this season, they have lost the last three games.

"You go through these moments in your career where you have these little ruts and you feel like you're in a deep hole," said guard Tully Bevilaqua. "We have to relax and not want (to win) so badly that you try too hard. It kind of got to that point in the last few games where some of us were trying so hard it made it worse."

The good news is there are three games left to work out kinks and get back on the same page - with a healthy Katie Douglas who returned to the lineup Sunday against the Mystics. The better news is that Indiana has clinched the East title and will have home court advantage throughout the Eastern Conference Playoffs. The best news is that the Fever is still taking things game by game, which means they may have lost games but not their focus.

"We're not guaranteed anything by being the top seed (in the East)," said Ebony Hoffman. "We're playing game by game just trying to get better and pick it up by the playoffs. Every game is supposed to be played like a playoff game and we kind of went backwards. Now we're trying to get it back together."