Fever Q&A With Ebony Hoffman

July 1, 2008
Fever forward Ebony Hoffman is making quite an impact this season, setting career-highs in scoring, 3-pointers, rebounds and steals. In 2004 she graduated from the University of Southern California and has been a member of the Indiana Fever ever since.

Recently having played the L.A. Sparks in her hometown of Los Angeles, Hoffman talks with FeverBasketball.com's Lesley George about her roots in Southern California.

FeverBasketball.com: You grew up, played high school and college ball and were even married in your hometown of L.A. How did you feel playing in front of your hometown June 22?
Ebony Hoffman: “It always feels good being able to go back in front of the people who've always supported me and have been my number one fans since the beginning. I wish we would've won and played a little better, but hopefully we can be back there in better terms next time."
FB: You've often sited your family as one of your motivations. Were they in attendance with friends, former teammates or coaches?
EB: "Everybody was there, including my high school coach, James Anderson. Usually when I'm in L.A. they all try to see me play."
FB: As a southern California native, were you always a devoted fan of the Lakers and Trojans?
EB: "Always a Lakers fan! You know, if you live and die in L.A., it was the Raiders before they moved to Oakland, and the Lakers and USC. ”
FB: Were there particular players or coaches from L.A. that you admired?
EB: “My high school coach was the one who molded me into the player I am now and showed me what basketball's all about. I'm forever grateful for his influence in my life.”
FB: Apart from basketball, you were part-owner of a winery in southern California, right?
EB: "Unfortunately it just became too much with my career and hectic schedule.”
FB: Wine of choice?
EB: “Red is my favorite, hands-down. When I'm playing overseas I have more leisure time to enjoy a glass (laughing)!”
FB: Indiana's been your second home for the past five years. What do you like most about being with the Fever here in Indy?
EB: “The honesty and familiarity with the people. This is a business, but it's like family, my second family. I'm always trying to grow into the player and person I've always wanted to be.”
FB: You're now the fourth-ranked rebounder in the league and have been knocking down shots around the perimeter. What are the best aspects of your game?
EB: “My versatility. I've really grown into an all-around player. My goal the past offseason was to not be such an easy person to guard and it's paying off now."
FB: What's your personality on the court?
EB: "I don't know if the other team likes me too much (laughing)! But I'm a team player, always wanting to make sure my teammates are happy and getting the ball.”
FB: Away from the court, what's your favorite activity?
EB: "Having dinner with my husband, Ronald. We aren't able to see each other much so we try to spend as much quality time together as possible.”
FB: Finally, what's it going to take for the Fever to bring home a championship?
EB: "Digging down deep and finding our heart. We've got to find out where we want to be, clawing at every possession like it's our last.”