Fever Q&A With Sherill Baker

July 10, 2008
Sherill Baker joined the Indiana Fever as a free agent two games into the regular season, one year after averaging a career-best 8.5 points per game for the Los Angeles Sparks.

Baker started her pro career in 2006 with the New York Liberty, appearing in all 34 games her rookie season. Her game is highlighted by her ability to get to the free throw line as she is first in the WNBA this season averaging over nine free throw attempts per 40 minutes played.

FeverBasketball.com's Josh Taylor talked with Baker about her transition to Indiana and her role with the Fever.

FeverBasketball.com: When you were waived by the Sparks after training camp which teams showed interest in you?
Sherill Baker: “Detroit and Atlanta were interested in me at first and the then the next day Indiana let me know they were interested too.”
FB: What were your thoughts when you joined Indiana?
SB: “I praised God that I was employed again. I give all glory to God because there are a lot of people without jobs right now. I was very thankful that Indiana was interested in me and when I came here the team was very welcoming.”
FB: Have you ever felt lost or rushed in your transition from Los Angeles to here?
SB: “I actually wasn’t rushed at all. I knew it would be an adjustment coming in. I was just wanted to come in and contribute as much as possible and use my talent. It was just about getting into the flow of things again.”
FB: After Los Angeles and New York, Indiana is the third team with whom you’ll have extensive action. How will your experiences in those two other cities help you?
SB: “All things happen for a reason. This is my third team so I’ve been able to learn a lot through the process.”
FB: You share point guard duties with Tully Bevilaqua and LaToya Bond. How does your style of play compare to each of theirs?
SB: “Well, Tully is a great veteran. She teaches me a lot from the point position. She works really hard on defense and I try to open up the court for her by getting out on the wing when she can push the tempo. I learn a lot from Tully. LaToya and I are both fast and we’re always looking to push the ball. Whether its getting early passes into the post or onto the wings, we’re looking to push it up the court."
FB: What do you consider to be your best offensive weapon?
SB: “My quickness. I’ve been blessed with a lot of quickness so I try to use it to my advantage and get into the paint as much as I can.”
FB: What kind of mentality do you have to have knowing that one night you might play 15 minutes and the next night you’ll play five?
SB: “I just have to stay positive. It doesn’t matter how many minutes I play. It’s about helping my team as much as possible. If I get two minutes or 10 minutes I’m going to come off the bench and bring great energy.”
FB: The past two weeks the team has been playing one day and traveling the next. What kind of effect has that had on you?
SB: “It’s important as a professional to get your rest, make sure you’re eating properly, and getting as much cardio exercise as you need. You have to maintain your rest.”
FB: The Fever has lost three of the past five games. What do you need to do to turn it around?
SB: “Right now it’s about sticking together as a team. We can’t point any fingers. We have to come into the gym as a team and work on what we need to work on, such as turnovers and rebounding. We had great practices today (Thursday) and yesterday (Wednesday), so we’ll get through this. We just have to stick together."