Fever Q&A With Katie Douglas, Part I

February 22, 2008
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    The newest member of the Fever organization, Katie Douglas is returning to her hometown. Douglas grew up the youngest of four siblings which helped shape her into the competitor she is today.

    After attending Perry Meridian High School, Douglas graduated from Purdue University and was then drafted in the first round of the WNBA Draft by the Orlando Miracle in 2001.

    The Fever recently acquired Douglas in a trade with the Connecticut Sun. Douglas is currently playing professionally in Spain, but before she returned to Europe, FeverBasketball.comís Josh Taylor had a chance to ask her a few questions as part of a two part Q&A outlining her recent emotions and playing career.

    Part II will appear Sunday, February 24.

    FeverBasketball.com: Tell us in general about your last 48 hours.
    Katie Douglas: ďItís been a whirlwind, but a good one. Itís been an exciting time in my career and something Iíve wanted for a long time. Iím extremely excited to be a part of the Fever organization. I look forward to being a mainstay here, but also winning the Eastern Conference and hopefully contending for a WNBA Championship.Ē
    FB: What was the highest emotional point of the past 48 hours?
    KD: ďIíd have to say the press conference because it all became real then. Just to see the people that came out and to see my family there was great. Itís been something Iíve dreamed about and wanted for awhile, but I just didnít know how real it could become. It finally sunk in yesterday at the press conference just sitting there behind the desk with Kelly [Krauskopf] and Coach Dunn.Ē
    FB: Did you have any idea what to expect when you came here this week?
    KD: ďNo, I really didnít. Iíve been on the visiting side for so long and Iíve been outside Indiana for seven years of my professional career. I really didnít know what to expect when I got here. Thus far, Iíve been greeted with open arms and I feel at home.Ē
    FB: What did you do last night after the press conference?
    KD: ďI went and visited some friends at a small gathering. I got to see some friends from high school and then I met my family for dinner. It was delicious for what will be my last U.S. supper for a long time. It was a nice bit of a celebratory dinner, and theyíre ecstatic about me being home. They want to see me play, but they also want to see me win a championship. Itís not just about me being home, but about taking the next step in my career.Ē
    FB: How did you learn of the deal?
    KD: ďI was actually on the road playing in Europe. Vasilis [my husband] told me that he had great news and I knew what great news probably meant. I got home after Vasilis had talked to Chris [Sienko, Connecticut's GM]. He had thought from the conversation with Chris that it was pretty much a done deal. I wanted to hear from Indiana first, and then Kelly [Krauskopf] called me a day later. It was killing me for that day because I wanted to hear from the other side, so when I heard from Kelly it was great.Ē

    FB: What did your family say when you told them you had been traded to Indiana?
    KD: ďThey were screaming and I donít think they really believed me. Iíve had many discussions with my family throughout the years, but lately itís been a little more direct. They said some indirect things in the past, but lately itís been direct that they would really like to see come home and that itís what would be best for me. So when I told them, they were over the moon. They really canít believe it because every time I come into town itís chaotic. Iím in so many different places trying to see everybody and do so many things, but now my family realizes Iíll be here all summer and we get to spend time together.Ē
    FB: When did you tell them?
    KD: ďI really didnít tell them too much leading up to the deal. I didnít want them to get wrapped up in the possibility of me being traded. I told them at Christmas that I was trying to do some things to get home, but I didnít want them to get their hopes up because this is a business. They didnít ask any questions which is rare for them, but I think my being in Spain helped. I told them recently things were starting to heat up, but the climate changed day to day. I really didnít want to be too direct because I didnít want to have their heart get set on me being in Indiana and then have me stay in Connecticut. I told them when it was final that both teams and both players had agreed.Ē
    FB: Which Fever players do you know the best?
    KD: ďI know [Tamika] Catchings. I played with her last offseason when USA Basketball went to Rome. Iíve known her for years and years just because weíre the same age so weíve competed against each other many times. Last summer was the first time we were actually teammates and it was a great experience.Ē

    ďI know Ebony Hoffman the best. I played with her the entire winter in Lithuania last year. It was a tremendous experience to have Ebony as a teammate. Sheís my girl and it was difficult that we thought we might play together [in Indiana] last summer, but things didnít work out."

    FB: Describe Ebony Hoffmanís personality in your words.
    KD: ďJubilant (laughing). Sheís full of personality. Thereís not a conversation that we have where one of us isn't dying from laughter. Sheís always upbeat, outgoing, and borderline bubbly. Sheís a great person and itís hard to find anything bad to say about her. Sheís a lot of fun to be around and I had so much fun with her last season in Lithuania. Iím so glad she was there with me and that I got to know her.Ē
    FB: I know you helped pick out her wedding dress. Were you there for Ronís proposal?
    KD: ďWellÖHe was in Lithuania, and after a game I went home to my apartment. Ebony and a few other girls stayed in a building across town. He had proposed outside in the snow so they called me and were telling me to come out, but I didnít feel like going out since we had just lost. They kept saying, ĎK-T, K-T please come.í I couldnít figure out what was going on and I was so tired. We had an early practice in the morning and they wouldnít tell me what was happening over the phone so I didnít get to go out with them that night. If they wouldíve told me what was going on I wouldíve went, but they told me the next day. I was really excited for her and somehow I became her J-Lo [Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner] of the wedding while we were in Lithuania. It was a lot of fun helping her.Ē