Inferno Member Wins National Dance Competition

June 27, 2007
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    Brittany Day danced during a Fever game.
    The Indiana Fever’s dance team, the Inferno, is comprised of many talented dancers, one of which just finished filming a music video for the R&B/hip-hop artist, Ciara.

    Brittany Day, a two-year member of the Inferno, recently won a national dance competition through the 2006 Russ Parr Back-to-School Bus Tour. Jive Records and Ciara teamed with Radio One’s Russ Bus Tour to present the Ciara Dance-Off. Day heard about the dance competition on the radio in August 2006 and decided to enter.

    Day was selected from among four local finalists to compete in Washington D.C., with contestants from around the country. Once she was flown to Washington D.C., Day had the opportunity to meet many celebrities including renowned hip-hop stars Ciara, Chingy and T.I.

    “I was ecstatic to meet all of these famous people,” Day said. “I never imagined getting to meet so many famous artists.”

    On August 18, 2006, Day joined nine other finalists from across the nation to compete in a dance-off competition in front of numerous judges, including Ciara. Each finalist danced for two minutes, doing any kind of dance that he or she wanted.

    The winner was decided by the crowd and by the celebrity judges. The crowd was allowed to text their favorite finalist, and after final tabulations, Day was the winner!

    “I was so excited to win,” Day said. “Ciara even complemented my dancing skills. That was awesome!”

    The grand prize of the competition was to dance in an upcoming Ciara music video. Those facilitating the competition did not know when Ciara would be filming her next music video, so all Day could do was wait for a phone call.

    On June 4, 2007, Day finally received a phone call from Jive Records, where she leared that she would be flying to Atlanta, Georgia, where Ciara was filming her next music video.

    “They (Jive Records) didn’t really give me that much information,” Day said. “I just went along with it and flew to Atlanta.”

    Three days later, she was on her way to Atlanta. Once she landed, she found out that the video was for the song “Can't Leave 'Em Alone,” by Ciara, featuring 50 Cent. Some plans had changed with the artists, and the video that Day participated in did not end up being a “dancing” video.

    “Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone” is more of a slow song, and as a result Day got to be an extra in the video instead of a dancer.

    “It would have been really cool if I got to dance, but it wasn’t a dancing song,” Day said. “I am just excited that I had the chance even to be an extra in the video!”

    Day had the opportunity to meet 50 Cent, who was in the video. She was also re-introduced to Ciara. Because it had been almost 10 months since the competition, Day was worried that Ciara wouldn’t even remember her at all. However, Ciara did remember her.

    “She even remembered what I was wearing the day of the competition,” Day said.

    Life on the set was tiring for Day, as each evening was spent filming. The nights were long – filming each evening from 7 p.m. to 4:30 a.m.

    “It was a great experience and I had the chance to network a lot while working on the video,” Day said.

    Day has been with the Inferno for two years and she has participated in organized dancing since she was a freshman in high school. Day will be a sophomore in college this fall, hoping to transfer following a freshman year Ivy Tech.

    -Kara Albert