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March 31, 2007
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    Sutton-Brown on signing with Indiana: "It came down to the best team I felt had a chance to win the WNBA title. I am not getting any younger and I'm craving for a ring!"
    Kent Smith/NBAE/Getty Images
    Fever newcomer Tammy Sutton-Brown took time from Istanbul this week to answer questions about her much-anticipated arrival in Indianapolis this summer. Via email with, she shared insight on topics ranging from her new city and new teammates, shopping, singing – and change. Not only is it the first time in seven WNBA seasons that Sutton-Brown will not wear the familiar orange and blue of the Charlotte Sting, she will wear the Fever’s red, blue and gold, with her customary #55 exchanged for a new #8.

    Why the new jersey number? Former Sting teammate and now-new Fever teammate Sheri Sam requested the #55 when she signed with the Fever in January. Ironically, Sam wore #55 prior to joining the Sting, including her 2004 championship season in Seattle, but had to switch to accommodate Sutton-Brown in Charlotte. Perhaps Sam’s return to #55 and the new change for Sutton-Brown will spark a championship attitude in Indiana!

    On with the questions! You attended Rutgers and have spent the first six years of your WNBA career all in Charlotte – what were your first thoughts about coming to Indianapolis?
    Tammy Sutton-Brown: I am so excited. Charlotte is definitely a great city and the fans there were awesome. I truly enjoyed my time in Charlotte, but change is a good thing and I am really excited to continue my career with a team like the Fever.
    FB: Charlotte always had pretty good success against the Fever while you were there. Is there anything you might attribute that to?
    TSB: We had some great talent over my six years in Charlotte. Unfortunately, the last few years did not go as well as I would have liked, but we always worked hard.
    FB: Were there other teams that pursued you as heavily as the Fever? And, what were some of the factors that contributed to your decision to sign with Indiana?
    TSB: There were a few teams that were very interested, but I wanted to make the best decision for myself, and that is the reason why it took me so long. LOL. It came down to the best team I felt had a chance to win the WNBA title. I am not getting any younger and I'm craving for a ring! :)

    Sutton-Brown has gone head-to-head the past three seasons with Ebony Hoffman.
    Kent Smith/NBAE/Getty Images
    FB: Is there any single item that excites you most about playing for the Indiana Fever?
    TSB: Change!. A new city, a new team, a new jersey number. Like I said earlier, change can be really good.
    FB: From your standpoint as a former Fever opponent, give our readers the first few words that come to mind to describe some of your new teammates:
  • Tamika Catchings – What can you not say about Tamika? - heart, hustle, leader
  • Tully Bevilaqua – feisty, experienced, great decision maker
  • Tamika Whitmore – tough, competitive
  • Ebony Hoffman – determined, great rebounder
    FB: You’ve also spent the past two years playing with Sheri Sam. Together, you are quite an impressive twosome to both come to the Fever, together. How would you describe her game on the floor?
    TSB: Sheri is a versatile player with a lot of experience. She’s a great shooter and creates difficult matchups for other teams because she can play anywhere on the court.
    FB: Coming to Indy with Sheri as your teammate, do you expect that will make your transition any easier?
    TSB: Having played in the WNBA as well as overseas for a number of years, I have gone against most of the girls a few times. Along with having played with Sheri for two years now in Charlotte, as well as presently playing with Linda Fröhlich (Fenerbahce in Turkey), I feel like there are plenty of people who will make my transition a lot easier.
    FB: Looking back to Charlotte briefly, might you have stayed with the Sting if the franchise had not disbanded?
    TSB: That is a difficult question to answer because the last few years in Charlotte, as you know, were not the best on the court, when it came to wins and losses. I loved the Queen City and it would have been hard to leave, but I love to win.

    Shown working against Detroit's Cheryl Ford, Sutton-Brown attended Rutgers University, one of four teams active at the NCAA Final Four in Cleveland.
    Allen Einstein/NBAE/Getty Images
    FB: Looking at post players across the WNBA, who has been your toughest player to matchup against? Why?
    TSB: The great thing about the WNBA is that all the teams are so strong and filled with talent. There is no such thing as taking a night off in this league. There are some great post players, and each is different. Some are quick, some powerful, some skilled. There is not any one matchup that outweighs the other, they are all challenging. But that is what makes this game so great.
    FB: Here is your chance to tell the Indiana fans a little more about you. Besides sleeping and eating, what are three of your favorite activities off the basketball court?

    TSB: I love to sing. Don't take that the wrong way, though. I have been told by many I am not a good signer, but that does not stop me!. I have always got music in the car, my stereo at the house and my IPOD on the road. I almost always have got a song in my head! Shopping seems to be something that occupies a lot of my time, also! Whether clothes, bags or sunglasses, I always seem to find a reason to go to the mall. And I know there is a mall close to Conseco Fieldhouse! BONUS! LOL. The third thing is that I also love a good book
    FB: You were born and grew up in Canada, before attending Rutgers. At what time in your life did you realize you were going to be a professional basketball player?
    TSB: I believe it was my junior year [at Rutgers]. There was no WNBA when I was in high school so it was not until I went to college that the possibility of making money doing what I love was a realization.
    FB: What advice would you give to young girls who think they might have a possible career playing basketball, or any other professional sport?
    TSB: Put the effort in, the hard work will pay off. Dream big – no one can take that away from you.