Sisters Share A Love For Dancing

August 18, 2006

Kirston Hiller, left, is a first-year member of the Pacemates, and Kileigh Williams just wrapped up her first season on the Inferno.
Frank McGrath/PSE Photo
Kirston Hiller and Kileigh Williams have been dancing since they were three. Kirston has five more years of dancing experience, and that’s only because she is five years older than her younger sister Kileigh, 15.

Both girls dance during timeouts and halftimes at Conseco Fieldhouse, however, not at the same games. That is because Kirston is a Pacemate for the Indiana Pacers, and Kileigh is on the Inferno dance team for the Indiana Fever.

This is the first season for both sisters with their respective teams.

“I had lots of fun this year with the Pacemates. It was a really good first year experience. All of the girls were really fun, and it is a great job to have when you really like to dance,” Kirston said. Kileigh is enjoying her first year as an Inferno dancer as well. “I’ve liked it so far, it is really fun,” she said.

It was sisterly advice from her big sister that got Kileigh interested in dancing for the Inferno. “Kirston danced with the Inferno for two years on and off before she became a Pacemate,” Kileigh said. “She wanted me to try out this year for the Inferno so I did.”

“I was so excited when I found out Kileigh was doing it,” Kirston said. “She is a really good dancer, and I knew it would be lots of fun for her since I danced on the team before, and I knew she would make a lot of friends.”

Kirston not only encouraged Kileigh to try out for the Inferno, but she was the one who inspired Kileigh to start dancing at all. “Kirston started dancing when she was young and I wanted to start dancing, too,” continued Kileigh. “She would come home and show me the things she was learning, so my mom finally put me in dance class. I tap dance, and so she has helped me with lyrical and modern dance. She has really inspired me to do that kind of dance.”

The sisters are pretty close, and they usually get along. “Kirston is a really good sister, and I love hanging out with her,” Kileigh said.

While they do get along most of the time, there are occasional arguments, which most sisters’ experience. “We used to fight a lot but we don’t really anymore,” said Kirston of her relationship with her sister. “We’ve kind of grown out of it. If there is ever something we argue about, it’s petty, and we get over it quickly.”

Dancing is something both girls know will be in their future. Kirston will be back for another year with the Pacemates, and Kileigh is part of a traveling show in New York, which she has been a part of since she was ten. Then, she plans to open a dance studio when she gets older.

Kirston had some advice for her little sister Kileigh, “I’d tell her to live her life to the fullest. Do what she wants to do, and know that she can do anything she wants if she tries, and puts the effort into it.”

-Rachel Turner