Fröhlich On Fröhlich

May 10, 2006
Linda Fröhlich is making her return to the WNBA with the Fever this season following a two-year absence. The former UNLV standout began her WNBA career in New York, spending the 2002 and 2003 seasons with the Liberty. She was originally selected by New York in the second round (26th overall) in the 2002 WNBA Draft. A native of Hamburg, Germany, Fröhlich recently took the time to answer a few questions from’s Rachel Turner. What are your interests besides basketball?
Linda Fröhlich: “I haven’t had a normal life in awhile. I mean, I’ve been a professional athlete overseas and there are not a lot of people you can hang out with. My interests are obviously languages. When I am in another country, I try to learn the language when I am around the locals. I like to read and I like to have fun. When I am around people I have fun but when I go home I just like it quiet, and I watch TV. When I am in America I like to get involved with the church. I was in a choir at one point, so choir rehearsals and Bible studies are where I like to hang out. I also like to go to the movies when I have time.”
FB: You mentioned that you speak different languages. What are they?
LF: “I speak German, English, Italian, and Latvian. My mom is from Latvia so I can understand it. If I was trapped in the country I could speak it. I’ve never had to speak Latvian so it comes slow, but I understand it. Now, I can also speak a little Russian. I am probably going to go back to Russia so I am going to sharpen up a little bit.”
FB: You’ve traveled a lot in the United States while playing basketball. Do you have a favorite city?
LF: “I like Miami. And I like L.A. because my husband is there. I like Sacramento as well. Every time we stay downtown somewhere, I get to enjoy the different flares of every city. It’s not really that I have a favorite city. Each city has something special to it because we are only downtown. It’s not like I can tell you the nature there is pretty because we don’t see that. We just see the buildings of downtown, but I like them.”
FB: You went to college at UNLV. Did you ever go to the city when you were there?
LF: “No. See, I am boring. I went to church on Sundays so I really couldn’t. I was never like that. What I like about Las Vegas is that the opportunity was always there. I could do things 24/7. Especially as a student-athlete, I think that was a nice thing to have because even here, now, on Sundays, I can’t get my hair done because everything is closed at 6:00, and we have practice during regular business hours. That was a nice thing in Las Vegas because as a student-athlete you had to go to class, then practice and then it was nighttime. I’m not a gambler, so I don’t go there to spend my money. I go to meet friends. To this day it is still overwhelming to be there. I come from a town with 3,000 people and one hotel in Las Vegas has more lights than my whole city.”
FB: I understand you used to write for the Las Vegas Sun?
LF: “Yes. I used to write weekly diaries.”
FB: How did you get started with that?
LF: “I always like to stay in the community. The people there (at UNLV) were nice, and after I left people were always asking how I was doing. I like to inform them and write fun stories. Especially because women’s basketball isn’t that ‘out there,’ it’s nice sometimes for people to see. People that are not into basketball sometimes write to me on my website and say, ‘Oh, that’s a nice story. Now we have a better idea of what you do.’ People typically don’t understand how this life (as a professional athlete) is.”
FB: You just mentioned your website and I wanted to talk about that. How did you start it up?
LF: “In college, I was always the one that stayed there until the people from the gym kicked me out signing autographs. Sometimes it was just too tiring, and I thought if I had a website people could tell me what they wanted there. Just to stay in touch with the community is how it started.”
FB: Did you think of it on your own to start a website?
LF: “I think so. I was talking with friends and that is how it came up.”
FB: Where is home after basketball?
LF: “That’s easy. It’s going to be America. It is going to be L.A. at this point.”
FB: I know you are married. Is your husband from the United States?
LF: “Yes he is.”
FB: How often do you see him?
LF: “This year I have probably only seen him 14 days or so. Since I didn’t play the past two WNBA seasons, we had time to spend together. In college, we lived 20 minutes away from each other and we used to argue about who was going to drive those 20 minutes. Now it is a 14-hour flight."
FB: Do you like it here in Indianapolis?
LF: “Yes. The first time I came here I was excited because it was clean and there is a mall. I like the neatness, and in a way, it is very European. Coming from the west coast, which is less European, that is something that really stood out. I am not lying. This is the truth. I do remember this was the first city where I saw that the traffic lights had the countdown. I thought that was cool.”