The Indianapolis Zoo Raises a Fever

June 1, 2008
by Crystal Aeppli
You heard it right! On Sunday, June 1, 2008, Alison Bales, Tully Bevilaqua, Tamika Catchings, and Tammy Sutton-Brown graced the Indianapolis Zoo with their presence. These four Fever stars had the pleasure of not only attending the zoo, but also participating in a couple shows. They were able to hang out with the koalas, but not before they had a chance to dazzle the crowd with their newly established dolphin training skills.

Any zoo-goer that saw the 2:30pm Dolphin show was able to see Bales, Bevilaqua, Catchings, and Sutton-Brown show off their new talent. Before the show, the girls were taught a few different hand motions that would make the dolphins do different tricks. Of course, knowing that a little practice goes a long way, they practiced the motions back stage. After greeting people as they entered the show Bales pumped the crowed up for a good Fever Dolphin show! Throughout the show, the girls got to hold a rod for the dolphins to jump over, make the dolphins wave, and splash at the viewers. Each of the 4 players were given a large blow-up of the Earth and an assigned section of the audience, and were instructed to count how many times their section lost control. After a good couple of a minutes and Bevilaqua running fiercely back and forth, Tammy Sutton-Brown’s section was announced the winners, thus lead to the end of the dolphin show, and the trek over to see the koalas.

“Koalas are not bears,” read the sign in the koala exhibit. The exhibit was swarmed with spectators and Fever fans. Shortly after her spiel, people were able to ask questions about the koalas. Bevilaqua, being a native Australian, was able to chime in and express her knowledge of koalas and Australia. As the chat ended, the players stayed around to sign autographs and take photos. Following this exciting event, the players were unexpectedly invited to see the rhinoceroses and giraffes.

As soon as they were finished petting the rhinos and feeding the giraffes, the beautiful safari day came to an end. It was time for Bales, Bevilaqua, Catchings, and Sutton-Brown to head back to their respected homes. As it is on the court, it was a successful day at the zoo for the Indiana Fever!

The Indianapolis Zoo has been open since 1964, with more and more exciting attractions as the years progressed. The Dolphin Show took a break for improvement after the fall of 2004, and came back in May of 2005, for a show that would soak the crowd with envy. A new addition this summer is the Koala exhibit. Visitors should stop on by and view these Koalas before they are gone! While observing the Koalas, visitors are also able to get their latest questions answered by the Koala keepers. The exhibit only runs until September 1, 2008! With much to offer, the Indianapolis Zoo is a great place to take the whole family!