Speaking at Southmont

March 24, 2005
Fever forward Ebony Hoffman traveled to Crawfordsville, Ind., on March 24 to speak to a class at Southmont High School. Ebony spoke to a class made primarily of freshmen and sophomores about goals, work ethic, making good choices and achieving career objectives.

Beginning her second season in Indiana, Hoffman was the Feverís first-round draft pick in 2004. She stressed to the students that, though playing out her lifelong dream of playing professional ball is fun, it is now her job. There is a lot of hard work and dedication that takes place in Ebonyís day-to-day life. Being a professional athlete requires not just practice time on skills of the game, but strength and conditioning to keep oneís body fit and healthy.

The students asked a variety of questions concerning sports, career goals and life in general. Throughout her speech and in answering questions, Ebony shared how decisions both good and bad have impacted how she has achieved her goals. The decisions an individual makes will have impact throughout oneís life.

One student asked if it was hard balancing sports and school. Ebony admitted that she was lucky to have parents who encouraged her success in education. But beyond her parents, Ebony had her own goals that included succeeding in school, sports and life after sports. Her goals required her to be prepared in all aspects of her life. And being prepared in life meant receiving a good education, establishing a strong work ethic and making quality decisions.

Hoffman closed by telling the youngsters that they should enjoy high school and college, and remember to prepare for the future. Enjoy life and be yourself!