Fever Fan Stuffs Ballot Box 2,500 Times!

July 27, 2006

Superfan Lauren Wolske, receiving an autograph from Fever point guard Tully Bevilaqua, cast more than 2,500 ballots to ensure that her favorite players would make the 2006 WNBA All-Star Game.
Frank McGrath/PS&E Photo
Fever season ticket holder Lauren Wolske is as big a fan of Becky Hammon as she is of Tamika Catchings. She wanted to be sure, though, that both were selected to the 2006 WNBA All-Star Game, and literally took it into her own hands to assure the stars their spot in the starting lineup!

Wolske, 22, completed an unfathomable 2,508 online all-star ballots. Her two favorite players both earned their spots as All-Star Game starters, but unfortunately both were unable to participate due to injuries. Wolske, though, due to her diligence, received a free trip to the All-Star Game and had the opportunity to watch her favorite stars up close.

FeverBasketball.coms Rachel Turner conducted a short interview with Wolske to talk about her experience and some of her favorite players.

FeverBasketball.com: Lauren, what are you doing during your summer?
Lauren Wolske: I am looking at different colleges right now.
FB: Do, or did you play basketball, or are you just a fan of the game?
LW: I used to play in middle school, but now I play hockey.
FB: What was the best part of the game when you played?
LW: I would have to say seeing my teammates happy after the game.
FB: So, how long have you been a Fever fan?
LW: I have been a fan from the start, but I became a season ticket holder when the Fever had Stephanie White and Niele Ivey, and Nell Fortner was the coach.
FB: How did you become such a big fan?
LW: I became a big WNBA fan after traveling to see Becky Hammon play in Chicago (NWBL in 2004).
FB: Who is most responsible for introducing you to basketball?
LW: That would be Jennifer Azzi. I became a really big fan when I saw her playing at Stanford, and also Becky Hammon and Katie Cronin when they played with Colorado State.
FB: Do you attend every Fever game?
LW: I go to see the game and see the players I want to see. Ive been to almost every game.
FB: What do you think of the Fever season so far?
LW: Oh man, the season this year is crazy good! If we can stop Connecticut, then weve got it!
FB: Who are your other favorite WNBA teams or players?
LW: Oh gosh, I love Becky Hammon of the New York Liberty, and Amber Jacobs of the Minnesota Lynx. I also like Ann Strothers of the Phoenix Mercury and Katie Cronin of the Chicago Sky. And of course, Anna DeForge, Tully Belivaqua and Tamika Catchings.
FB: What motivated you to vote online every day?
LW: Well, I had to vote for Becky even though I live in Indiana, but thats just because I am a huge fan of Becky. I had to vote for Anna and the Tamikas, too. Filling out the 2,508 ballots I did was just not enough. I had to make sure Becky and Anna were going to New York, so that is why I voted online everyday.
FB: Was a trip to the All-Star Game your ultimate goal?
LW: No, I voted so I could see Becky on TV since New York only played at Indiana once this year. That, and I saw that Jennifer Azzi was doing something for the All-Star Game. Yeah, Becky Hammon and Jennifer Azzi oh man!!!
FB: Were you surprised when you won the trip to New York for the All-Star game?
LW: Yes!! I was at Conseco Fieldhouse at the Fever vs. Sun game. I had just gotten Lindsay Whalen to sign my ball and my cell phone went off. After they told me I won, all I could think about was Becky Hammon, and New York, and Becky Hammon, and me, and New York and then I blacked out.
FB: What was the best part of your trip?
LW: I would have to say the best part of the trip was when Tamika Catchings tried to get Becky to sign something for me, even though I never got anything signed. I got a picture with Margo Dydek, though, and that made it all worth it.
FB: Do you plan to do it all again next year if they offer the same prize?
LW: Yes!! For next year's All-Star Game in Washington, I will fill out 5,000 ballots for Becky and Anna. It was the best prize I had ever won! I just wish Becky could have played, and maybe I could have met her and Tamika. Hopefully, Indiana will get the 2008 All-Star Game!!