Fever Conducts Governorís Fitness Clinic at Northside Elementary

March 16, 2005
The State of Indiana is encouraging its youth to be more physically fit through the Governorís Fitness Award Program, and Northside Elementary School (Hartford City) rose to the challenge by having one of the top participation rates out of 57 schools during a nine-week program, sponsored by the Governor's Fitness Council.

The Northside students were rewarded with a plaque from the Governorís Fitness Council and a free clinic hosted on March 15 by the Indiana Fever!

Fever guard Coretta Brown and Assistant Coach Julie Plank visited Northside where they hosted a clinic for the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes. The students shared with the Fever visitors some of the activities they did during the nine-week program, as well as what they learned. Brown and Coach Plank talked about the importance of physical fitness before helping the students to participate in games and relays that tested their physical skills.

Brown later selected students to compete in some silly contests ranging from jumping jacks and jump rope, to the crab walk and a wheel barrel race.

This was the first of two clinics awarded to winners of the Governorís Fitness Award Program. The second clinic will take place March 22 at Irvington Elementary School in Indianapolis.

Northside and Irvington were chosen because they had the top two participation rates of all the schools that took part in the state-sponsored program. Students did a great job in keeping physically active during the prgram, and the Indiana Fever was happy to support them in their efforts!

Event recap from the Muncie Star-Press.
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