Brown’s Dream: Playing Like Jordan

February 18, 2005
The Indiana Fever's annual "For Every Victory Earns Respect" Tour (F.E.V.E.R.) continued this week with Thursday's appearance by Ebony Hoffman at IPS #48 (Louis B. Russell Elementary School), and Friday's by Coretta Broan at IPS #39 (William McKinley Elementary School).

Each year, Fever players pay visits to fifth-grade classrooms in the Indianpolis area, with roughly a dozen visits scheduled between January and March. On these visits they share personal stories of obstacles and triumphs that helped them reach the WNBA and other personal accomplishments. The focus of the talks is on setting goals and how achieving those goals can help one gradually attain success. The players also share how a positive attitude, education and strong work ethic can help children reach their dreams.

Brown shared with Friday's fifth-graders that when she was in their shoes, her dream was playing basketball like Michael Jordan. When the WNBA was created it gave her a new goal to play professionally in the women’s league. One student wanted to know what it felt like on the court during a game, leading to Brown's reply that seemed to summarize the F.E.V.E.R. Tour as a whole - stating that it felt great to know that all of her hard work and dedication had gotten her to her dream.

The final stop scheduled on this year's F.E.V.E.R. Tour:

  • Friday, February 25 - IPS #14 (Washington Irving Elementary School)

    Being accomplished women in academics, athletics and other facets of life have made the women of the Indiana Fever outstanding role models and the ideal voice for these messages. If you would be interested in having your local school become a part of a future F.E.V.E.R. Tour, contact Dan Gaines, community relations manager, at (317) 917-2757.