Coretta Brown: Another Day, Another School

February 15, 2005
Another day in the 2004-05 offseason for Coretta Brown meant another school visit on Feb. 15 – and another hundred or so young people’s lives to lend a positive influence.

One day after a Black History Month reading exercise at Andrew J. Brown Elementary School, the Indiana Fever’s Coretta Brown participated in an awards ceremony at Southwestern Elementary School. The school’s Core Value program was honoring students for their achievements and organization.

The school’s Core Value program focuses on a specific value each month. Organization was this month's topic and the next topic, kindness, was introduced at the assembly by two students. Both students gave a small speech about what kindness meant to them.

One young girl from the second grade said kindness meant, “Friends are more important than any game without them.”

Brown read to the group a book dealing with kindness on the playground. When asked by the school’s principal, Mr. Scott Chambers, about seeing fights in basketball games, she responded about the importance of emotion and controlling that emotion. Coretta stressed to the kids that you must keep a level head and support your teammates.

Brown encouraged the children to read, and spoke about why reading is important to living a productive and successful life. She also talked about the value of getting good grades and encouraged the kids to take their education seriously.

The ceremony ended with the students of the month being recognized with a small gift from the school and an autographed picture from Coretta.