Sam And Whitmore Read To Children

July 17, 2007
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    Tamika Whitmore read to kids in the community as a part of Read to Achieve.

    Sheri Sam read to kids in the community as a part of Read to Achieve.
    The Fever’s Reading TimeOut for July proved to be another fun and influential event for both the Fever and the participating children. Indiana Fever forward Tamika Whitmore and guard Sheri Sam spent time with the children of AYS Summer Camp at First Meridian Heights Presbyterian Church, on Tuesday July 17.

    The players each read books and gave their insight on the importance of reading and education to their own group of children. Sam read to kids ages 4 to 7, and Whitmore read to kids ages 8 to 12. Sam and her group of children read through four books together during the TimeOut. Meanwhile, Whitmore delivered a great message to her group, explaining what education meant to her.

    “Whether I choose to retire or an injury ends my career, I have my degree to fall back on,” Whitmore said. “What you learn today will help you later on in life. No matter what you do, you will need an education.”

    To stress her statements on education, Whitmore asked the children what they wanted to be when they grew up. Responses ranged from zoologist, pediatrician and even a professional wrestler. Whitmore explained that in each of those professions, an education is key to success. She went on to read three poems to the older group, and had the group give their thoughts on each poem’s meaning. For some extra interaction, she had the children write their own poems on their dreams and future ambitions. Whitmore ended the event by taking questions, signing a few autographs and thanking the children for their time.

    Sam led her portion of the Reading TimeOut with the younger children of the camp. She incorporated the camp’s beach theme for the week by reading one book about the ocean called, Commotion in the Ocean. After reading to the kids, Sam stressed the importance of continuing to read even outside of schoolwork. Finally, the children had time to create and color their own Fever poster. The kids decorated the posters with good luck wishes and expressions of gratitude for Sam.

    AYS’ mission is to develop and maintain, through shared leadership and qualified staff, before and/or after-school programs and support services for children, their parents and the community. AYS Summer Camp’s three core values are respect, responsibility and resolving conflict.

    Read to Achieve is a year-round, league-wide initiative supported by the NBA, WNBA and NBDL. It promotes the values of reading and on-line literacy and encourages families and adults to read regularly with young children.

    - Erin Wigley