Pros Speaking About The Pros Of Reading

June 26, 2007
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    Sheri Sam played foosball with kids in the community as a part of Read to Achieve.
    Children ages 5 to 9 at Indianapolis’ Lilly Boys & Girls Club heard about the importance of reading – straight from the pros! Guard Sheri Sam and center Tammy Sutton-Brown hosted a Reading TimeOut on Tuesday, June 26, proving they are pros on and off the court.

    Sam and Sutton-Brown began the Reading TimeOut by asking the children why reading was important to them. The children had several different reasons, but most importantly they recognized that reading enabled them to learn more about endless topics.

    “If you pick up a book, you can go places you have never been by reading about those places,” Sutton-Brown said to the group. “Reading is also a major influence in getting your education.”

    Four books were read to the group of over 70 children by the new Indiana Fever members and veteran WNBA players – they even allowed two young volunteers to sit on the couch and read with them. After the players answered questions about themselves and basketball, it was time for some fun and games. The children of the Boys & Girls Club were able to challenge the Fever standouts to a few games of their own. Sutton-Brown took on opponents at the air hockey table, while Sam staked her claim in some foosball.

    Read to Achieve is a year-round, league-wide initiative supported by the NBA, WNBA and NBDL. It promotes the values of reading and on-line literacy and encourages families and adults to read regularly with young children.