Bales Goes Back To Preschool

News Release | May 25, 2007
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    Alison Bales reads to kids in the community as a part of Read to Achieve.
    Fever rookie Alison Bales visited one of her former pre-school teachers, Friday, to facilitate a WNBA Read to Achieve event.

    Bales visited Sycamore School in Indianapolis to talk to children of all ages about reading, education and basketball. The event was initiated by Ms. Nancy Farrar, a teacher at the school who remembered Bales from the time she attended as a child. Since that time, the school has been renovated and changed names.

    Bales, born in Indianapolis, attended what was then just the Butler University Preschool. When she was five years old, Bales and her family moved to Dayton, Ohio. This was her first time coming back to the school, seeing the new facility and visiting a former teacher.

    A class of first-grade students joined Bales in the school library to talk about the importance of school, learning and reading. Bales read two books to the group of students. The young students enjoyed the books and even helped Bales hold one of the books while she was reading.

    Members of the Sycamore girls basketball team (5th through 8th grade) gathered in the auditorium to listen to Bales talk, as well. Bales and the young players discussed what it is like playing basketball and still being able to succeed academically. They also talked about the benefits of playing basketball and other sports throughout high school and college. All of the students participating had insightful questions for Bales, and she enjoyed talking to the young athletes.

    -Kara Albert