Overseas Connection: Sophia Young

With Thanksgiving week upon us, what better time to check in with one of our favorite WNBA stars currently playing in Turkey, San Antonioís Sophia Young.

Young, coming off another outstanding season with the Silver Stars, is playing for Galatasaray in Instanbul for the third straight season. After helping the team win last yearís EuroCup, Young and Galatasaray are competing in the EuroLeague this year.

Between playing in the Turkish League and the EuroLeague, Sophia is keeping herself busy, but took some time to answer our questions via email to give us an update on how she is doing.

WNBA.com: Youíre back in Turkey playing for Galatasaray once again. How has this season been for you so far?
Young: "The season is going great so far. We are 3-1 in the EuroLeague and 4-1 in the Turkish League. We have some new players on our team this year and so far things are working out positively."

WNBA.com: This is your third year playing in Turkey, has that become like a second home for you?
Young: "Yes, I feel like I live here more so the USA because I spend most of my time here in this country. Itís a great place to be though."

WNBA.com: How much have you delved into the Turkish culture? Can you speak the language? Do you eat the local cuisine? Do you listen to the music? If so, what are some of the things you like best?
Young: "I think that since I've been here for three years now that itís time for me to learn the language so I am working on that. The food is wonderful. I would not go as far as to listen to the music though, that might be a little bit much to ask from me. LOL"

WNBA.com: Between the Turkish League and the EuroLeague, do you have much down time to relax and have some fun? If so, what kind of things have you done?
Young: "With the two leagues, things can be a little stressful and challenging especially when you have to travel for both games in one week. I try to find some down time though. I go shopping and hang at some local pubs here."

WNBA.com: I know some of the road trips in Europe are long. What do you do to pass the time? Movies? TV Shows? Music? Sleep?
Young: "I mostly read."

WNBA.com: After playing in the EuroCup the past two years, Galatasaray is in EuroLeague competition this year. What is the biggest difference between the two competitions?
Young: "I would have to say that the EuroLeague is more competitive, the players are much better and the competition is more intense."

WNBA.com: Your team features two fellow WNBA players (Katie Douglas and Jia Perkins). How much of an advantage is it to have fellow WNBA players with you while youíre playing overseas?
Young: "I think itís really great to have other WNBA players on your team. You can relate to a lot of things and you can also talk with each other about the other girls and the coaches. LOL JK. Katie and Jia are both great people and I think I will have a great time getting to know them."

WNBA.com: What are some of your fondest memories from playing overseas throughout your career?
Young: "Obviously winning the EuroCup, traveling to different countries especially Italy (the food there is wonderful), and getting to meet and know new people."

WNBA.com: What do you miss most about home while you are overseas?
Young: "I miss the atmosphere back home. The fact that I can go everywhere and people speak the same language and don't look at you like you have three heads."

WNBA.com: When you left to go to Turkey did you take anything with you to remind you of home?
Young: "I took my two dogs with me... but since this is like my second home, Iím used to things here."

WNBA.com: Is there anything specific that you want to work on while you are overseas to add to your game for next WNBA season?
Young: "There's always ways you can improve you game, I want to improve on my ball handling."

WNBA.com: What is the biggest difference between the European game and the WNBA?
Young: "Well, when we have an away game in the WNBA the referees try their best to be fair. Over here, that is not the case. Itís blatantly obvious that agreements were made."

WNBA.com: Talk to me about this past season with the Silver Stars. How would you evaluate the year both individually and as a team?
Young: "I would say that we had an okay year. I mean personally, I would have hoped and expected us to do better, but things happen. You just have to learn and move on from them."

WNBA.com: With VJ and Erin retiring after the season, as well as free agency and the draft coming up, the Silver Stars will look a little different next year. How curious are you to see what Coach Hughes and the front office do to get the team ready for next year?
Young: "Iím confident that they will make some great decision for the betterment of our team."