Five seconds to go, down by one...

You Call the Play

Let's set the scene... With their team down by one point with only five seconds to go in a big game near the end of the season, the coach calls a time out. But instead of having the coach draw up the play to win it, we asked some of the WNBA's best players what play they would call with the game on the line.

Anna DeForge, Phoenix Mercury
"I would run a pinch post with Diana Taurasi on the elbow and me coming off. Pick your poison. Diana can hand it off for a shot or maybe a layup for me. Or she can take a turnaround jumpshot or go with it herself."

Tina Thompson, Houston Comets
"Everyone wants to be the hero and take the last shot themselves, but I would probably have to say that I would do a decoy play with myself and Sheryl (Swoopes). Maybe in a two-game or a pick-and-roll situation. The ball ends up in Janeth Arcain's hands. It would be very unexpected, but she had the coolest, calmest demeanor on our team and she has hit big shots like that on several occasions. Although people know that she has done it, they would not expect it to go to her."

Lindsay Whalen, Connecticut Sun
"Screen-and-roll, I'll come off of it in the lane and we'll see what happens. Either Taj McWilliams-Franklin will roll, Nykesha Sales will pop or Katie Douglas will be open in the corner somewhere and shoot. Perhaps Wendy Palmer or Asjha Jones will drive the block and we'll try and get the score that way."

Teresa Weatherspoon, Los Angeles Sparks
"Give me the ball and let me create. I've never called myself a point guard. I don't know what that means. I'm a playmaker and that's what I've done my whole life. Five seconds left on the clock? Give it to me. I'll make something happen. I want to be the person, regardless of what happens, whether it goes in, whether I turn it over or miss the shot, I want it to rest on my shoulders. Something will happen in those five seconds, though."

Sue Bird, Seattle Storm
"Thumbs up for Betty Lennox."

Swin Cash, Detroit Shock
"I inbound the ball to Deanna Nolan coming off double by Ruth Riley and Cheryl Ford at the top of the key. I just step inbounds and she drives. Cheryl rolls, Ruth pops and I'm in the corner for a drive-and-kick from her. They always forget about the inbounder. Remember Cleveland in 2003? So either I or Tweety takes the shot."