Teresa Weatherspoon at the 2003 NBA All-Star Game

New York Liberty guard Teresa Weatherspoon stopped by the NBA.com Cybercast during the 2003 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday, February 9, 2003 to chat with fans about the game, the WNBA and her predictions for the 2003 season. Here's what T-Spoon had to say:

Moderator: Now welcome Teresa Weatherspoon to the Cybercast!

Andrew/philippines: Who do you think should win All-Star mvp?

Teresa Weatherspoon: At this particular time, if the East wins, I would love to give it to MJ. But I'm sure a lot of people would choose T-Mac with his level of play.

the lovin' spoonful: Hey Spoon, are you looking forward to the WNBA season? What do you think of the Liberty's chances this year?

Teresa Weatherspoon: I'm looking for a tremendous season from us. We've been there so many times but left without the prize. I think that motivates us. And I'll finally be injury-free this year.

Alyssamarie(Sacramento): What's your favorite thing about All-Star Weekend?

Teresa Weatherspoon: My favorite thing is getting to know different players and personalities. Off the court things, and just the festivities itself. It's all about enjoyment, a lot of fun and excitement. It's great.

Renny, Glen Ridge, NJ: Spoon. You've played in many All-Star games, how does the NBA All-Star game compare to the WNBA All-Star game?

Teresa Weatherspoon: We don't have a weekend. We have more of a day. The comparison is the same. Everyone's having fun, which is what it's all about. But now that we'll have a weekend, I'm sure we'll get to enjoy it even more.

Brandon (Kansas City): Teresa, Jackie Stiles who is from my home state of Missouri has made quite an impact in the WNBA, where do you see her in the future of the game?

Teresa Weatherspoon: I agree totally. She's made a tremendous impact. I think once her wrist is healed, she's going to be one of those people who can lead her team to the next level. Her work ethic is unbelieveable, which is why I say she'll carry herself to the next level.

Josh (Milwaukee): What is your greatest NBA All-Star Game memory?

Teresa Weatherspoon: I'm a Michael fan. Every All-Star Game has a tremendous impact on me. He's the measuring stick for everyone. He's always separating himself from others.

Conchita, Bronx NY: Spoon, I think the new WNBA commercials are great. What do you think?

Teresa Weatherspoon: It's a totally different look at each athlete. I think they're trying to show you different aspects of a young lady being an athlete.

John: Omaha: Who's your favorite player today?

Teresa Weatherspoon: My favorite, as long as he has a uniform on his back, No. 23 is my favorite. I enjoy watching Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady, Paul Pierce. I love watching those guys. As for the WNBA, I definitely like watching Tamika Catchings. She plays so hard. She'll take the game to another level. And now that Cynthia Cooper might be coming back, she's always been one of the greatest. I've never really looked up to players, I've tried to implement some of their game into my own. But my mother has always been my biggest influence.

Andrea from Storrs, Conn.: Spoon, what do you think of the new team in Connecticut? Are you ready for a new rival?!?!

Teresa Weatherspoon: Man, that is a great question! That's another great place to have a WNBA team. U-Conn has done a tremendous job. But they're in our backyard, so there's another rivalry. So we have to find out whose backyard it really is. Mine or yours ...

Tee(Auburn): Who is going to win - East or West?

Teresa Weatherspoon: Before it started, I said the East. Even though the West is so big, but I thought the energy the East would have to win it for MJ would take them over the West.

Angel, NYC: Yo, Spoon. Think the Liberty can win it all this year?

Teresa Weatherspoon: I know that we can win it all. Without a doubt. We've had so many opportunities. We just need to take our play to another level. Always beware of the Liberty. No one believes in us. We're old, over the hill, but no one understands how much pride we all have and how well-conditioned we are. And how committed we are to each other. And that makes the difference.

Kim(Tampa): Hey Teresa! How do you feel about all the activity in the WNBA this offseason.. two brand new teams and a couple relocations of teams?

Teresa Weatherspoon: We're fortunate that we have some that are relocating. With our Miami team and Portland, that's unfortunate. But I'm sure those young ladies will definitely end up on a team. Wherever those ladies go, it will make each conference a little more competitive.

Kelly from Detroit: Spoon, will you ever let out your trademark braids?

Teresa Weatherspoon: I have done it one time because I was dared by teammates. But it's my trademark, so I'm going to stay with it.

Moderator: Thank you, Teresa, for stopping by the Cybercast!