The Liberty guard renovates and redecorates this offseason.

At Home with Vickie Johnson

For the duration of her prodigious eight-year career in the WNBA, Liberty guard Vickie Johnson's home has been New York's Madison Square Garden. But now Johnson is getting started in a new home.

But don't worry, Liberty fans... she isn't going anywhere.

Instead, the two-time WNBA All-Star is remodeling her actual home, a two-story house outside of Dallas, Texas. Despite purchasing her new home around three years ago, her rigorous WNBA and overseas schedules made it difficult for her to find the time to renovate, furnish and decorate. But since returning from yet another international stint just after New Year's, the Liberty's all-time leader in points scored (2,893) and games played (248) has dedicated herself to finishing the often-overwhelming project.

"When I first bought the house, I bought a lot of stuff that I didn't like anymore once I got back from overseas," Johnson said. "This time, I am taking my time and doing it right."

Not Everything is Black and White

She began with my first floor, which has the kitchen, a living room and dining room, a half bathroom and the master bedroom and bathroom.

Vickie Johnson is a pro on the court, but could use some another hand when it comes to interior design.
Bill Baptist/NBAE/Getty Images
"My entire downstairs will be black and white, with a little bit of charcoal gray. The kitchen was black and white, and it will stay black and white. I put down black and white tile on the floor so that it looks like a checkerboard. The wallpaper will be mostly white with little black specks in it. The trim in the kitchen will also be black."

In keeping with the black and white contemporary feel, she purchased a white Italian leather living room set. The half bathroom will also be black and white to match everything else. However, Johnson doesn't exclusive stick with the monochrome color scheme.

"The dining room table and that entire area of the house will be glass, like a frost glass. But I also want to have different color chairs as a part of my dining room table set - one white, one red, one yellow and we'll see what else. Hopefully I can find something like that. That
will bring a little more color to the floor."

So where does VJ, who is doing the entire decorating process on her own without the help of an interior decorator, look for inspiration?

"I've just been going through some book and finding things that I like and doing it up like that. It's very hard. I don't know of anyone who can help me. If you know of a good decorator, please send him or her to Dallas. I need a little help."

Set off from the living room on the ground level is her master bedroom, which not an entirely uncommon location thanks to the scorching Dallas summers.

"I am doing my room in a chocolate. The furniture is a beige-brown and I am painting just a couple of the walls - the one behind the bed and the one you see when you walk into the bedroom. I am also really excited about the new faucet in the bathroom off of the master bedroom. They have these new faucets where the water just flows out. It's great."

Getting Funky

It is upstairs where Johnson will spend much of her recreational and discretionary time. The focal point of the second floor is her game room. She admits that while she doesn't necessarily play a lot of games, she does watch a lot of movies and has the entertainment center set up up there.

"It was already red, so that is the room I'm going to get funky with. We'll throw in the purples, the oranges, maybe some yellows. It will have a lot of color so I have a little more fun with it. The bathroom that is right near the game room will even be purple to match it. I also have to do my office, but I am not sure what color I will do that room just yet. Right now, all of my basketball trophies and collectibles are scattered around all over the place. Some is in my house, some is in my mom's house, so that is why I am hoping to finish my game room soon. Some of that stuff will go there and some will go in the office."

After she finishes up work on the interior of the house, which should wrap up in the next few weeks, she is going to begin working on the outside of the house.

"I had a basketball hoop, but I took it down. I have about a half an acre of land, so I want to fence it in and put up another hoop as well as a picnic table and barbeque. I have a pool out there as well. Hopefully I will finish the inside soon so I can get to working on that whole area."

One thing you won't find in her home is a gym.

"I work out at a gym near my house, the Magic Johnson 24-hour fitness, so I don't keep any machines or equipment in the house. I have a few dumbells and the bands to work on flexibility, but no real weightroom."

More than anything, the 32-year old Johnson is just looking forward to finally living in her finished house. Or at least being able to get out once in awhile, who supervises all of the work going.

"This has been such a process. I really cannot leave during the day so that I can be there with the workers. I have to workout early in the morning, and I mean really early, at like 4 a.m. It affects the entire routine."

She will soon get her wish. Even with the house almost finished, she will leave it behind for a few month head up to New York to join her teammates for another shot at the WNBA title and another trophy for the newly-painted wall.