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This is Our Game: Diana Taurasi

Mercury guard Diana Taurasi
Nathaniel S. Butler /NBAE/Getty Images
All throughout her career, Mercury guard Diana Taurasi has been a winner. However, as a member of the the Phoenix Mercury for nearly two seasons now, her Phoenix team has not experienced the success she has come to expect from her teams. But as the red-hot Mercury head into the final week of the regular the season, the playoffs are not only within reach, but are a legitimate possibility. She leads her team in scoring and has been the most consistent player throughout the season. She has been called the future of women's basketball, but for Taurasi and her teammates, the future is now.

Q. What is your motivation when don't feel like working out, running that extra mile, or waking up early?
"Not making the playoffs last year drives me. Is that a good answer?"

Q. Was there a time in your life of playing basketball when you thought about giving up the game?
"I actually quit basketball of a year and a half when I was in fourth grade. I retired. I probably had the earliest retirement ever. A lot of people don't know this, but I quit and focused on soccer. I got bored and didn't want to play anymore. My sister started playing, so then I would go to watch her and got that itch again. And from there, the fire started burning again."

Q. How important is a healthy diet and good nutrition for your overall success? What are some snacks you like or favorite meals?
"It is so important. I love Snickers. No, I'm kidding. Pre-game meal is the most important. Whether it is chicken, pasta… whatever else you need to get going."

Q. What else drives you? What other goals you've set for yourselves off the court or are you currently pursuing?
"I would like to start doing some charity work, probably more for kids in general. When I'm done playing, I think I might want to be a coach, or do something that still has some link to the game. It's been so good to me, and I really do love the game, even outside of playing, just being around people who play is fun. Maybe I can be the G.M. of the Lakers or something."