Le'coe Willingham
The mother of a five-year old son named Derek, Sun centerLe'coe Willingham has overcome the odds to make it to the WNBA, and now enters her third season in Connecticut. Get to know Le'coein the latest installment of "Time Out."
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  • Favorite book?
    The Coldest Winter Ever
    Favorite color?
    Favorite musician or artist?
    Mary J. Blige
    Do you want to go back to school?
    I am interested in pursuing my Masters Degree in either counseling psychology or Industrial /Organizational Psychology
    What was your major in college?
    Psychology, with a minor in social work. Auburn University, Class of 2004
    When did you first start playing basketball?
    I became interested in basketball as a toddler playing with my brothers. Coming out of middle school, I didn't know about pro opportunities overseas, so I became professionally interested during the first season of the WNBA.
    Where are you from originally?
    Augusta, Georgia
    Who have been role models in your basketball life?
    Joe Ciampi, he became not only a coach, but a friend and mentor to me. He maximized my abilities on the court and was a key part in my maturity off the court, helping me to grow up, make responsible decisions and support those decisions.
    Who have been non-basketball role models in your life?
    My godmother, Joyce Griffin. She became the mother figure in my life absent my biological mother.
    Do you have any children?
    A son, Derek.
    Do you speak any other languages?
    A little French.
    What is one surprising fact about yourself that people may not know?
    I have a serious phobia of cockroaches.
    Which WNBA player were you most looking forward to meeting when you came into the league?
    Teresa Edwards, because she is arguably the best player in women's basketball, a five-time Olympian who achieved great success in college, overseas and at home.
    What was a defining moment or time in your life and why?
    Returning to the Auburn lineup as a sophomore with my son watching in the stands. I could have given up numerous times but I kept going and worked hard to return. and my son was there taking the journey with me the whole time.

    (Photo by NBAE/Getty Images)