She loves watching football and credits her college coach for helping her to become the woman she is today. Sacramento's unsuspecting guard Chelsea Newton was also the valedictorian in high school. Get to know this former Homecoming Queen and Cheryl Ford's former A.A.U. teammate in the latest "Time Out."
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  • Do you have a nickname?
    "Chelnew - The assistant coach at Rutgers has a ritual of giving all players nicknames."
    What is your original hometown?
    "Monroe, Louisiana."
    Who would you most want to play one-on one?
    "Cheryl Miller - she is an icon. I believe that my defense is excellent and I just love the challenge."
    Most influential role model in hoops?
    "Tamika Catchings - I love her intensity. She plays the game of basketball as it should be played, hard and unselfish. Whatever her team needs, she has always been willing to do that."
    When did you first become interested in basketball?
    "I first became interested at the age of 8. My father bought a hoop for the house and I played every day I possibly could. I truly always dreamed of starting the WNBA, if not playing in it. I would be part of the making. As soon as it was formed, that was the moment I knew I wanted to play."
    What is your favorite moment on the court?
    "As a freshman, I can into college 20 lbs. overweight. I could not make a sprint. In the middle of the year, Coach Stringer invited my mother to practice to watch me fail, but I made it and never looked back."
    Do you have any superstitions or rituals?
    "I have to listen to John Legend's "Get Lifted" before every road game."
    Describe your daily workout routine.
    "Mid-day, I get a routine lift that consists of a lot of shoulder strengthening and a lot of body weight for my lower body. No heavy weights. Afterwards, I use "The Gun" (a shooting machine and shoot for about an hour - like 400-500 shots."
    Do you have a coach that has inspired you most?
    "C. Vivian Stringer. She is a lady of high character. Coach Stringer challenged me to be a leader and to showcase myself. She has been a motivator in her words and actions. Because of her tenacity, she has strengthened my mind and encouraged me to learn the game and not just play it. Off the court, Coach Stringer has been nothing less than a mother. Always there in times of need, she is truly a special woman."
    What are the major non-basketball influences in your life?
    "My parents, because they believed in family, academics and supporting their children in whatever they chose."
    What are your hobbies outside of hoops?
    "Computers, cars, electronic gadgets, watching football."
    What other talents are you proud of?
    "I played the violin for four years and was also the valedictorian in high school. And the Homecoming Queen."
    What achievement are you most proud of?
    Finishing high school with an unblemished transcript - all A's"
    What is your favorite food?
    Favorite color?
    Favorite book?
    "The Count of Monte Cristo."
    Favorite television show?
    Favorite actor and actress?
    "Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington"
    Favorite music artist or band?
    "John Legend."
    Favorite song?
    "Can't Give Up," by Mary Mary
    Favorite place to visit or spend time?
    "The hair salon"
    What do you want to do when your playing career is over?
    "A career in athletic administration. I love all sports and I believe I will make a difference."
    Do you see yourself going back to school?
    "I plan on getting my masters in Sports Management"

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