Donneka Hodges is a second-year guard with the Sparks. Her twin sister, Roneeka Hodges, is a rookie guard with the Comets. They grew up together, but Doneeka already has a year of service under her belt. Get to know the newest pair of identical twins to play in the WNBA in the latest "Time Out."
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  • Full name?
    "Doneeka Danyell Hodges"
    "Roneeka Rayshell Hodges"
    "July 19, 1982"
    "July 19, 1982"
    "Louisiana State"
    "Louisiana State, then Florida State"
    What was your major in college?
    "General Studies"
    "Social Science"
    When did you first become interested in basketball?
    "I became interested at age 9 and knew I wanted to play professionally the first time I saw the WNBA on television."
    "At nine years old, and interested in playing ever since."
    Do you have a favorite moment on the court?
    "When time expired and we (L.S.U.) went to the Final Four."
    "When I scored 33 points against UT-Arlington."
    Do you have any superstitions or rituals?
    "I'm a very superstitious person. When we win, I try to have the same routine for the next game."
    "I must shower before every game. Habit, I guess."
    Name a coach who has inspired or helped to develop your game.
    "Pokey Chapman, just by being honest. Her honesty and commitment helped me both on and off the court/"
    "Pokey Chapman helped me to be a responsible adult."
    What do you like to do outside of basketball?
    "Playing video games, going to the movies and the mall."
    "Watching TV."
    What is one surprising or unknown fact about yourself?
    "I am four minutes older than my sister."
    "I am left-handed."
    What achievement are you most proud of?
    "Making it to the Final Four."
    "Helping Florida State have a winning season my senior year."
    If you were not a basketball player, what would you be?
    "A student."
    "A salesperson."
    Favorite Food?
    "Seafood alfredo."
    What is your favorite color?
    "Red and blue."
    What is your favorite television show?
    "Soul Food."
    "Soul Food."
    Who is your favotite actress?
    "Vivica A. Fox"
    "Nicole Ari Parker."
    Who is your favorite musician?
    "Fantasia and Destiny's Child."

    (Photos: NBAE/Getty Images)

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