Seattle Storm center Janell Burse once wanted to become a nun, but now loves ballet and considers herself a computer geek. Get to know Janell in the latest installment of "Time Out."
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  • Favorite movie?
    What's Love Got to Do With It?
    Favorite television show?
    Favorite book?
    I Know What You Did Last Summer
    Favorite actor or actress?
    Angela Bassett
    Favorite type of music?
    R&B - Lauren Hill and D'Angelo
    What is your favorite food?
    What is your favorite color?
    Do you have any pets?
    A dog named Scoobie
    If you could play one-on-one against anyone, past or present, who would it be?
    Tina Thompson. I've always looked up to her and have tremendous respect for her game. She is a great shooter and has an array of post moves.
    When did you first become interested in basketball?
    I first became interested at age 4, but didn't want to pursue a career until my sophomore year in college.
    Who have been role models in basketball?
    My father taught me a strong work ethic.
    What do you like to do in your spare time? Any hobbies
    I love doing hair styling and playing games on the computer.
    What other talents are you proud of?
    Do you have any nicknames?
    Jae - from my teammates.
    Do you have any superstitions or pre-game rituals?
    No, I just pray before every game during the National Anthem.
    Where did you go to college and what did you study?
    Tulane, Computer Science. Class of '01.
    What is one surprising fact about yourself that some people do not know?
    When I was younger, I wanted to become a nun. I went to a strict religios school from grades K-12.
    What achievement are you most proud of?
    My team winning three conference championships in a row at Tulane, and winning All-American honors.
    What was a defining moment in your life, and why?
    When my mom graduated from college, that's when I realized I wanted to do something to make her as proud of me as I was of her.
    If you were not a basketball player, what would you be?
    A computer geek.
    When your playing career is over, what might you pursue?
    A computer career because I love programming.

    (Photos by Jeff Reinking/NBAE/Getty Images)

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