She may just be a rookie, but Kara Braxton has already done a lot of living. She grew up with a twin sister and just gave birth to her son, Jelani, earlier this year, her pride and joy. Get to know this the Shock center and former Girl Scout.
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  • What is your full name?
    "Kara Liana Brown-Braxton."
    What is your original hometown?
    "Tallahassee, FL and Jackson, MI."
    Who has been a role model for you in hoops?
    "My twin sister, Kimberly."
    When did you first become interested in basketball?
    "I've played since I was little. I've always wanted to play professionally... even before the WNBA was created."
    What is your favorite moment on the court?
    "The state championship game in high school."
    Do you have a coach that has inspired you most?
    "Georgia coach Andy Landers. He always pushed me on the court and in life."
    Do you have any children?
    "Yes, Jelani Lamar Thurman. He is six months old."
    What are the major non-basketball influences in your life?
    "My mother - she always believed in me and trusted me."
    What are your hobbies outside of hoops?
    "Going to the movies, listening to music, relaxing and enjoying my friends' company."
    What other talents are you proud of?
    "Being a mom."
    What is one surprising fact about yourself that people may not know?
    "I may be tall, but I'm a real care bear."
    What was a defining moment in your life?
    "When I had my son Jelani."
    If you were not playing basketball right now, what would you be doing?
    "Just being a mother."
    What achievement are you most proud of?
    "Getting a chance to come to the WNBA and do something that I love to do - play basketball."
    What is your favorite food?
    "Shrimp and steak."
    Favorite color?
    "purple and pink."
    Favorite book?
    "The Color Purple."
    Favorite movie?
    "Primal Fear."
    Favorite television show?
    "America's Next Top Model."
    Favorite actor and actress?
    "Angela Bassett and Denzel Washington"
    Favorite music artist or band?
    Favorite song?
    "I Need Love," by LL Cool J
    Favorite place to visit or spend time?
    What do you want to do when your playing career is over?
    "Relax and enjoy my family."

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