Sue, Swin and the All-Stars

Before the 2004 NBA All-Star Game, WNBA All-Stars and college teammates Swin Cash and Sue Bird took some time to chat with us, which we greatly appreciated. Here's what they had to say.

Swin Cash and Sue Bird made their way into the All-Star Weekend blog.
Allen Einstein/NBAE/Getty Images

What have been the best moments of the weekend so far, on the court and off?
Sue: "For me the best moments were the celebrity game, playing for P. Diddy and Paris Hilton and watching the dunk contest, even though I felt like it could have ended a lot better. Off the court, the Players Association party was the best. They had good performers, it was just tough to get in, that was the only downside."
Swin: Off the court for me, it was getting an opportunity to interview all the players as I was working for Mad Sports on BET. On the court, I'd have to say the three point contest was exciting."

Who's the best celebrity you've seen?
Swin: "Usher."
Sue: "Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore."

Any celebrity you are looking forward to seeing today?
Sue: "I hope Justin Timberlake shows up."
Swin: "Beyonce."

What NBA player gets your best dressed award for the weekend?
Swin: "Cuttino Mobley."
Sue: "Yeah, me too."

What musical acts are you looking forward to and who has been the best so far?
Sue: "I want to see Outkast and Beyonce."
Swin: "Me too, and also R. Kelley last night [at the party] was awesome."

How does this compare to last year's NBA All-Star in Atlanta?
Sue: "I think this year's All-Star is much better just because the traffic, if you can believe it, is much better in L.A. than in Atlanta."
Swin: "It's more spread out than Atlanta was, but the traffic's definitely not that great."

What are your predictions for today -- winner, score and MVP?
Sue: "Winner is going to be the West, 120-115. MVP Shaq."
Swin: "Winner is going to be the East, 115-110. MVP Kevin Garnett."
Sue: "Didn't that happen last year? We're talking this year."
Swin: "Repeat, repeat."
Sue: "Live in the now."
Swin: "Don't hate."
Sue: "Don't make me blow up your spot here on"
Swin: [Laughing.]

If you could add one player to the team, who else would you want to see out there today?
Sue: "LeBron."
Swin: "Carmelo."

Sue, you're from New York, which is better east coast or west coast basketball?
Sue: "New York has the best basketball in the country, hands down."
Swin: "We're talking about coasts, not New York vs. the rest of the country, but New York does have great basketball."

What have been the other highlights of this weekend?
Swin: "Getting the opportunity to meet some of the players I hadn't met before, and I was amazed by how much they knew about the WNBA and women's basketball."