Q&A with USA Basketball and UConn's Maya Moore

Maya Moore, center, with former UConn Huskies Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi
David Dow/NBAE/Getty Images

WNBA.com: Youíre in an interesting situation. Still in college, here at USA Basketball camp and tomorrow youíre going up against WNBA All-Stars. Whatís that like?

Maya Moore: Itís going to be fun. Itís going to be almost a hang-in-there kind of mentality. Because itís going to be something Iíve never experienced before; just playing with this caliber of players for a whole game. Iím definitely excited. Iím not intimidated about it. I think just having some experience with the National Team last Fall and this Spring has really given me a little more confidence to know that itís still basketball. I can play and Iím just going to go to my strengths tomorrow and not necessarily try to do too much. Just do what Iím good at. I have plenty of All-Stars around me that will help me and take care of business themselves, so Iím excited for it.

WNBA.com: And the one benefit you also have is that you know your coach, and he knows you.

MM: Absolutely. I donít think people can tell in how he coaches. He coaches everybody the same, so it definitely is easier because Iím familiar with him and I know what heís talking about and I know what heís trying to say for the most part when heís explaining different plays, different drills and the style of play that he has. That definitely helps me to just go out and play free because I donít really have to think a whole lot about trying to understand a new coach because Iíve had three years with him already.

WNBA.com: Do you look at this as some good preparation for post-college plans?

MM: Definitely. Just getting this time here and seeing the style of the game and the flow and physicality of it will help me prepare and know what I need to do when Iím training back home in Storrs. Iím just trying to take advantage of every minute I have out here to learn and just get excited to compete with the best.