On the Road With...
Shock guard Katie Smith

WNBA players spend a lot of time on the road. Over the course of her long and storied basketball career, Detroit Shock guard Katie Smith has gotten to travel all over the place. Whether for USA Basketball in international tournaments such as the Olymics and World Championships, during her ABL stint, now as a WNBA player or even for personal enjoyment, Smith has gotten to see and experience a great a deal.

Q. What are some countries you've gotten to travel to for basketball or personal reasons?
"I really like Australia, I've been there a few times. Just to be around the people and the atmosphere is great. I'd like to go to Italy again and do some more sightseeing in places like Rome and some of those parts. I was in Poland and got a pretty good vibe there."

Katie Smith is due for a vacation, and has some ideas where she's like to go next.
David Sherman/NBAE/Getty Images
Q. What is one place you haven't been that you would like to see?
"I love it down in Australia and would love to go back to New Zealand just to see it and because I have family there. Some of us might go to Vegas soon, but one of my favorite places that I've been to was Lake Tahoe."

Q. What is your favorite place to go on vacation?
"I don't have a favorite spot, but I enjoy seeing friends and have been out to California a bunch of times. I wouldn't mind going on vacation. I really need to. But honestly, if I get a week to myself, I usually need to stay at home and get stuff done. That's probably boring, but I have a dog now. Sometimes it's nice to just sleep in and not do anything."

Q. If you had to choose... On a beach, hiking and camping out, or visiting a museum?
"Hiking and camping out. I'm a little pale and don't tan very well. Sitting on a beach wouldn't go well. I'd have to put a lot of sunscreen on. Hiking and camping is something I enjoy because it's active."

Q. What are your favorite WNBA cities to visit?
"I love Seattle. Downtown Seattle has everything. It's a neat city."

Q. What is the best WNBA city to go out shopping? Any favorite favorite stores?
"Houston's Galleria is the spot. They have everything. That and Seattle has great shopping."

Q. What is the best WNBA city to dine out? Any favorite restaurants?
"Definitely Seattle. They have a lot of different restaurants. Not the chain places, but they have some great, original places. In L.A., I always get stuck in the Cheesecake Factory, somehow."