On the Road With DeLisha Milton-Jones

This offseason has begun like many others for Washington Mystics forward DeLisha Milton-Jones, with a lot of travel. As a member of the USA Basketball Women's Select Team she played in the FIBA Americas Tournament last month in Chile and is heading to Ekaterinburg, Russia this week to play in the FIBA World League Tournament from Oct. 22-27.

Milton-Jones grew up in the town of Riceboro, Georgia: "The big metropolis that it is," she said. "It is a town of maybe a thousand people, with one caution light that blinks 24 hours a day."

The small-town girl has traveled far and wide throughout her basketball career. We talked with nine-year WNBA veteran about the many stops she has made along the way.

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What are some countries you've gotten to travel to for either basketball or personal reasons?
“None for personal reasons (laughs). They have all been for basketball. I’ve been to Russia, Korea, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland … I’ve been all over this world. I haven’t been to Japan yet, I would like to go there.”

Is there one place you haven't been that you would really like to see?
"I would like to go to Bali. There’s no particular reason that I want to go there. I just saw it on TV and thought it would be very interesting to see that place."

What’s your favorite place to go on vacation?
“My favorite place to go on vacation is the nearest fishing pond. I love to fish so that’s my favorite pastime. It’s very relaxing and the water has a cleansing, restorative-type affect on the earth and the land as well as your mind and your body. I think it’s just great. ”

Would you prefer to be on a beach, hiking and camping out, or visiting a museum?
“I’m on the beach.”

What are your favorite WNBA cities to visit?
“Chicago, Houston, LA and when I wasn’t playing for D.C., it was D.C.”

What is the best WNBA city to go out shopping? Do you have any favorite stores?
“Chicago, New York and LA. And Seattle is another good one. My favorite store would be any store that sells tall sizes for women. In New York, I like to go to the, we call it the big shoe store. They have shoes only for sizes 10 and up. Lisa Leslie and I used to make that our annual event that we would do during the summer: always go to New York and buy a couple pairs of shoes out at this place.”

What is the best WNBA city in which to dine out? Do you have any favorite restaurants?
“I like Phoenix. There’s this one place across from the hotel. Golly I drew a blank. It’s my favorite place. I go there and I get the shrimp in a bag. It’s these jumbo prawns, they put it in a bag with the shell on it, shake it with seasoning and steam it. Oh it’s so good. Steamers, that’s the name of the place. Steamers."

What are the best places to shop and dine out in your city?
“In D.C., Georgetown is the best place to go. You’ve got the best of both worlds out there. You have great food, from steaks to Thai, sushi, barbeque and American style. And you have all types of clothing designers out there."