On the Road With...
Sacramento’s Kara Lawson

As she continues to grow in two different, yet somewhat related fields, Sacramento Monarchs guard Kara Lawson gets to experience many unique events and travel to interesting and memorable places. Her career as a basketball player has brought her around the world while her offseason job as a television analyst for the NBA's Sacramento Kings keeps her busy and traveling for other reasons. Yet, Lawson has seen a lot, but still has many, many miles to go before all is said and done.

Q. What are some countries you've gotten to travel to for basketball and/or personal reasons?
"I love to travel and like to see different places and experience different things. I've had the opportunity to go to China twice and Russia twice. Most of the time I go to play, but I got to go the Asia this last fall from the NBA China Games between the Kings and the Rockets."

Whether volunteering in the community or working the Kings television broadcasts, Kara Lawson sure does around.
Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images
Q. What is one place you haven't been that you would like to see?
"I just love going overseas to play or just to see other cultures and meet other people."

Q. What is your favorite place to go on vacation?
"I would love to go to the continent of Africa and visit. My roommate during the season is from Africa. She is from Mali, so I would love to visit her and see her and also go to South Africa. Just to see it."

Q. What are your favorite WNBA cities to visit?
"My favorite WNBA city to visit is Seattle. It's really beautiful in the summer. I've probably been to almost every city in the United States at this point. It wears on you during the season - the fatigue and the games - but I enjoy it because I have friends all over the country."

Q. And now that you have been working as a television analyst for a few years now, how are you enjoying it?
"I've enjoyed it tremendously. I have gotten the opportunity to see some great basketball and experience a different aspect of the game. I'm still relatively new at it and getting comfortable, but I am having a lot of fun."

Q. What are some of the differences between being on the road as a broadcaster and traveling with the Kings vs. as a player with the Monarchs?
"I don't travel with the Kings. I do the studio show, so when they are on the road we work out of studio in Sacramento. I do travel a bunch for my ESPN gigs though. It is very different b/c I have to do everything myself, from renting a car, to getting directions, to making sure I am everywhere I need to be on time. Traveling with the Monarchs, I don't have to worry about any of that, just show up and play."

Q. What is the best WNBA city to go out shopping? Do you have any favorite stores?
"I'm not a huge shopper so I don't know if I'm qualified to rate the cities. My favorite is DC since that's where I'm from and I know where all the malls and stores are. I like to shop at Tysons Corner b/c they have two malls and a bunch of shops. I like Nordstrom."

Q. What is the best WNBA city to dine out? Any favorite restaurants?
"I mean NY has everything so when I go there I like to get some good Italian. But, again my favorite to eat is at home in DC. I'm a creature of habit so I go to places that I know and have frequented many times. I like this place called Coastal Flatts in VA."

Q. What are the best places to shop and dine out in Sacramento?
"We have some malls out in Sac. I shop at Arden Fair or the Galleria in Roseville. As far as places to eat I gotta go with my boy's restaurant Taro's. The best sushi man."