Things said and heard around the WNBA this week

Notes and Quotes: September 15-21, 2008

"I think we just got tangled up. I don't believe anything was intentional on either side. I think the league will review it and see that both of us were trying to go for the ball and they will do what they need to do. It comes with playoff basketball, emotions fly and tempers get heated."
- Fever forward Ebony Hoffman on the situation with Plenette Pierson during Indiana's overtime win in Game 2 on Sunday

"We play the regular season for the home-court advantage. We gave it away for one game, but that's why we won the first game. I expect our team to come out and play much better than we did today, more focused. I expect our bigs to be involved in the game and I expect our bench to play better than they did today. I expect a lot of things out of our ball club. I expect us to win the next game, no question about it. They (Fever) might play great again, but that's okay. We'll play better."
- Shock coach Bill Laimbeer on Tuesday's deciding Game 3 matchup with the Fever in Detroit

"We know Lisa (Leslie) is their go-to player. I've been playing against Lisa for 10 years since I've been in this league. She's a hard challenge so I just try an outwork her. I just have to make her think more. We have many great scorers on this team, so you need someone who is going to sacrifice something and not think about the points… just think about the team."
- Storm center Yolanda Griffith on her role in the opening-round playoff series against Lisa Leslie and the Sparks

"I guarantee Monday night we will be a different team."
- Liberty coach Pat Coyle after discussing her disappointment with her team's slow start in Saturday's Game 2 loss to Connecticut, to Newsday

"It's a win. In the playoffs, it don't matter. But we made this game a lot more difficult than it should have been. We had it at a point where we really could have opened the game up and won by 15 or 20 points. But New York is relentless and they have players who can step up and make big shots. And they did it, but more importantly, we got the loose balls and did the little things we needed to do to win."
- Barbara Turner of the Sun after her team nearly squandered a big lead in Saturday's win over New York, to the Norwich Bulletin

"What's really so gratifying (is that) the consensus from all of our fans is that this was the best year yet. When fans say that to you, they're not talking about business. It's the fan experience and that says a lot about the league."
- WNBA President Donna Orender on the continued growth and success of the league, to the Sacramento Bee

"Two down, one to go."
- Sparks rookie Candace Parker prior to the playoffs of her desire to add a WNBA title to her successful year after already winning an NCAA championship at Tennessee and a gold medal in the Summer Olympics, to the New York Times

"It may show the power of individual and active ownership as opposed to centralized control. It may also be the league is gaining some consistency and grass-roots support. The reason why many leagues fail is they don't have the time to build enough support."
- Robert Boland, a professor of sports management at New York University, on the reasons for the continued business success of the WNBA, to Reuters

"It hasn't been an easy few days, but we could be way worse off like the people in Galveston who lost their homes. We just have to go out there and do our jobs and play."
- Comets guard Roneeka Hodges after chipping in 14 points in a late-season win over the Monarchs, shortly after Hurricane Ike ravaged the southeastern coast of Texas, to the Houston Chronicle

"This wasn't a year I started feeling great. I know this team has deficiencies. We all knew that coming into the season. I think we've all been frustrated with it."
- Mystics general manager Linda Hargrove on her team, to the Washington Post

"It's been a long regular season, with the Olympic break. We really like where we're at, we like our mix of people, we like how we're playing. ... It's that time."
- Katie Smith of the Shock on her team's playoff prospects, to the Detroit News

"I wish we could bottle it or box it or something."
- Fever coach Lin Dunn after her team's record scoring night of 103 points against Phoenix last Sunday in their regular season finale, to the Indianapolis Star