Things said and heard around the WNBA this week

Notes and Quotes: May 26-June 1, 2008

"She's singly the most physically gifted player I've ever seen. If you like basketball, I don't think you could watch Candace Parker play and not appreciate her skill level and what she brings to the table as a basketball player, regardless of gender."
- ESPN analyst Doris Burke of the Sparks rookie, to the Washington Post

"Ticha put her arm around me at halftime and just said, 'Play.' Honestly, the whole second half, I just got into the flow."
- Monarchs rookie Laura Harper after scoring a career-high 11 points in Saturday's win over the Comets, to the Sacramento Bee

"Honestly, I can think back to the three Olympics that I've played in. And I can't remember points or rebounds - all I know is: I don't have a silver medal. And I'm happy about that."
- Lisa Leslie after being named to her fourth U.S. Olympic team, to the Kansas City Star

"On the road it's always tough because you are going in other teams' territory, in an unfamiliar area, you're not sleeping in your bed, the officiating may not be to your liking and there are just a lot of things that don't go well when you're on the road. Whether it was a one-point win or a 21-point win, as early as it is in the season, this is a good win for us."
- Sparks coach Michael Cooper after his squad earned a 70-59 victory over the Mystics in Washington on Saturday

"The hump is losing every game we've played. It's a pretty damn big hump, and we have to get over it. We have to find a way to win a game."
- Diana Taurasi on the hump the Mercury must overcome to return from their 0-4 start, to the Arizona Republic

"Speaking as a fan of the WNBA and a player of basketball, it's got to be one of the most intense rivalries there is because there's always bodies flying, there's cuts and scratches. It's a coincidence, but maybe it's not. But we don't want to blame their aggressiveness on the reason why we play bad or don't play as aggressive. We've got to come out and knock their heads off, too, the way they do the same to us."
- Ebony Hoffman of the Fever on the rivalry between Indiana and Detroit and the coincidence that teammate Tamika Catchings was injured twice in games last season against the Shock, to the Indianapolis Star

"Well, in one week we have seen the ying and the yang. … It was an ugly night and I apologize to a national TV audience to have to watch that. We were a bad basketball team tonight."
-Sun coach Mike Thibault after Connecticut's undefeated start was stopped in a 75-46 loss to Indiana on Tuesday

"She's the real deal... definitely beyond anything I've seen in my life. If they win the championship this year, it's going to be because of her. She was impressive, dude."
- Reigning WNBA MVP Lauren Jackson on the debut of rookie star Candace Parker of the Sparks, to the Seattle Times

"I'm a pretty low-key kind of girl, and at first they started cheering (during player introductions) and then they started turning. And you expect that. They're great fans and they don't want to see their team get beat. I definitely didn't take that in a negative way or have any animosity toward that. But it makes me laugh how quickly they can turn."
- Katie Douglas to the Norwich Bulletin following the big Fever win in her return to Connecticut

"I remember when Sue Bird first came here. She got a great, great standing ovation until the first call went her way, and then she got booed. She's the enemy now. I can like Katie Douglas all I want, but she's a wearing an Indiana uniform and she's now going to be the enemy."
- Sun coach Mike Thibault on the return of Douglas to Connecticut on Tuesday

"What better way to celebrate than to have Kara (Braxton) lead our Polish teammates in the Soldier Boy dance! Too bad she was the only one that could actually hear the song on her iPod! No wonder they looked a mess. See for yourself on"
- Candice Dupree in her blog, to