Notes and Quotes: July 23-29, 2007

"If we had won, I probably would go out until 6 o'clock in the morning to celebrate it, definitely… But I'm going home. I think losing takes away everything."
• After scoring 47 points to tie Diana Taurasi's league record for points scored in a game against the Mystics, Lauren Jackson explains how her excitement was stifled by the 97-96 overtime loss, to the Washington Post.

"We should have been better executing down the stretch. There were parts in the third quarter and fourth quarter where it seemed like things weren't going our way and they were making shots and we weren't able to get a good possession. I remember some possessions weren't even good quality possessions. You can't be mad if you are missing good shots, we just weren't in a good rhythm there and they were never in a lull. When they are on all cylinders, you have to be on your 'A' game as well."
Katie Douglas on losing to Detroit Tuesday night 92-88.

"It was big a big one. I basically came out just looking for my shot. The first couple dropped and you get in a scoring mode and they kept falling."
• The Shock's Deanna Nolan on her franchise-record 36-point performance in Detroit's Tuesday night 92-88 win.

"We definitely needed it. Losing is hard when your job is to win. We are trying to keep it in perspective and continue to learn from everything, winning and losing. It is nice to get a win when you have lost a few. Hopefully this will get us back on track. They have been working really hard and I have seen growth in different areas, but it hasn't been paying off in the win column the last few games. It was a good win tonight because L.A. just had a big win in their last game so they are playing well."
• Sacramento coach Jenny Boucek on defeating the Sparks 67-59.

"We have to play perfect basketball. We keep digging ourselves deeper and deeper in the hole."
• Sparks coach Michael Cooper explains what L.A. needs to do to make the playoffs.

"I don't think any one player hurt us. We came wanting to keep her off the boards and get a few points for us. But she played to her strengths. She led the team in scoring throughout the fourth. She came out and had a good performance. I credit her on that -- she got 17 points out of us. But I don't think she hurt us because we would have been in there if we could have dropped a few more baskets."
Indiana's Tan White discusses Rebekkah Brunson's play in Indiana's 60-50 loss Thursday night to Sacramento.

"The execution was the difference tonight. They made their shots at the end and we had a couple of turnovers. It came down to execution. You thought whoever had the ball last was going to win and it came down to executing. They did that very well and we just turned it over at the end… It was a tough loss. We just didn't finish things."
The Liberty's Ashley Battle on losing to the Sun on Thursday night, 79-75 in Connecticut.

"In the second quarter we made them work for their shots and didn't give them anything easy. That really turned the tide for us."
Detroit's Katie Smith discusses Saturday night's 76-64 win over Washington, guaranteeing Detroit a playoff spot, to the Detroit Free Press.

"We've got to do a better job in the beginning and grab some momentum… When you get behind, you have to fight for every possession, and there's not a lot of room for error."
The Silver Stars' Ruth Riley describes why San Antonio struggled in Friday night's 69-63 loss to the Comets, to the San Antonio Express-News.

"I was just trying to get everybody's head in the right place… I felt like the first, second and third quarter we were playing extremely lackadaisical."
The Sun's Katie Douglas on defeating the Liberty Sunday afternoon at Madison Square Garden 67-61, to the Associated Press.

"There was such a big deal made about it, so I was just relieved once I hit it, now I can forget about it."
• Seattle's Lauren Jackson reacts to becoming the youngest and fastest player to reach 4,000 points during Seattle's Friday night 89-75 win over Indiana, to the Associated Press.

“It was a good night individually tonight for me but more importantly is that we played hard as a team for 40 minutes. That’s a very tough team – they have a good shot at a championship this year but we fought all the way with them. When they made their runs, we went out and made our own runs.”
Minnesota’s Seimone Augustus discusses her career-high 39-point performance in Minnesota’s 78-73 win Sunday over Sacramento.