Things said and heard around the WNBA this week.

Notes and Quotes:
July 25, 2005

Sting center Janel McCarville, to the Hartford Courant:
"This hasn't gone exactly as I had hoped. I feel like I could be doing a lot more to help this team. At this level, everything is so much faster. It's definitely an adjustment. You're not able to do all the things you were able to do in college. I had hoped to be doing more, but I'm learning."

Injured Silver Stars forward LaToya Thomas told the San Antonio Express-News, on her possible return this season:
"I feel pretty confident they will [clear] me [to play]. I feel good."

Comets coach Van Chancellor, on how long he sees himself coaching:
"I'll be 62 in September. I feel 52. I have a high level of energy. I still enjoy coaching the team. As long as I enjoy it, I'm going to coach. Or until [ownership] decides they don't want me there anymore."

Betty Lennox continues to come up big in her WNBA career.
B. Baptist/NBAE/Getty Images

Seattle's Betty Lennox, after hitting the game-winner on Saturday:
"I don't have my nickname for nothin'."

Houston's Tina Thompson, on returning to the team after giving birth to her son:
"It was good to get back on the court. I didn't really feel the nerves. We've been playing really good, and I didn't want to mess up the flow. I just want to mesh with the team."

Lisa Leslie, on an altercation she had with Sheryl Swoopes on Saturday:
"I think it was just a heated moment. I don't know if she realized it, but she pushed me first, so I pushed her back. I told her that we don't need to be out here like this and apologized because I wasn't pushing her to fight."

Sheryl Swoopes, after the same incident:
"Lisa pushed me in the back. I think [Lisa] gets to the point where she feels like she can do whatever and nobody is going to do or say anything about it. But I'm not going to back down, so I retaliated."

Sting second-year player Jia Perkins:
"I'm just a little more confident and I've been getting a little more minutes and getting time to relax and find the rhythm of the game. I've been open and shooting my shot and hitting it."

Fever coach Brian Winters, after Saturday's win over Charlotte:
"We were focused and very energized on defense. Jurgita made several key shots when (Charlotte) went zone on us, and I got a great effort from my bench tonight. When you get good defense, clutch shooting and good play off the bench, that's a pretty good formula."

Seattle's Lauren Jackson, on playing Saturday after spraining her ankle earlier in the week:
"Since I've had so much work on it, I think at first I was just so scared when I did it It was like, 'Oh, my God.' I was a bit upset. I didn't know what had happened."

Seattle's Sue Bird, on Jackson:
"I couldn't tell by the way she was playing or by the way she was blocking shots how much pain she was in. She does a great job of hiding the pain and a great job of playing through. I was on the court with her, and I had no idea how much pain she was in. When she went down I immediately went over to her, and the look on her face was more nervous, rather than in pain. Sometimes when you've hurt something before if you fall a certain way, it's not that it hurts, it just feels funny and you think, 'Please don't tell me that it's serious.' That's what I saw in her face. But honestly, I never even thought that she wouldn't be back. I knew she'd be playing in today's game."

Mercury guard Diana Taurasi, on her injured knee, after the game on Saturday:
"It's just a sprained knee. I sprained it a week ago and just re-hit it. It should be fine, but it'll just take a while to heal."

Indiana's Tamika Catchings, to USA Today:
"I was settling for just shooting (jump shots). People were leaving me open, but if you're not shooting well, it doesn't matter if people are leaving you open or not. In the last couple of games I've just tried to be patient and get to the basket if I can."

Lynx coach Suzie McConnell Serio after a bad loss to the Sun last week:
"We were embarrassed. It was our first time on national TV and that's the way we performed. They came in to practice the next day and worked very, very hard. They were almost promising a new outcome."

New York's Becky Hammon, after a big road win in Sacramento on Friday:
"We just wanted to come in and take care of ourselves. We were able to do that and everything else just falls into place."

Sacramento's Yolanda Griffith after the same game:
"They hit every shot they could possibly make. Every game counts, and every loss just lets Houston and Minnesota get closer."

Monarchs forward DeMya Walker, who sprained her knee in practice on Thursday:
"I sprained it three weeks ago and then again two weeks ago. This was the third time and there's only so much a knee can take. Now, it needs rest, but I'm determined to be back as soon as possible."

Monarchs coach John Whisenant:
"I doubt she'll be back this (regular) season. This sort of sprain often takes four to six weeks, and by that time it's the playoffs."

Silver Stars rookie forward Shyra Ely, on how shopping helps her deal with stress:
"It's a release for me. I could be on suicide watch, and then go shopping, and I think I would be ready to get back and go play."

Sun coach Mike Thibault, after a verbal sparring with Shock coach Bill Laimbeer after Wednesday's game, as told to the Hartford Courant:
"I have a tremendous amount of respect for most coaches. We're in a very tough business and I understand the emotions. And I understand when he's frustrated and elated - I've had all those same emotions. There's still a way you treat other people. We'll see them again. What goes around comes around in all ways. ... It's good for the game in some ways. This doesn't have to be a big love fest."

Alana Beard, after the Mystics win in Houston:
"They were just one game out of first in the West, and we knew they were going to come on strong in the second half."

Former WNBA player Jackie Stiles, who has taken up cycling:
"Basically, I started falling apart in my second season. I had 13 surgeries in the last three years. The one thing I was able to do was bike. I didn't own a bike; I'd just get in spin classes. But through all the surgeries, it was all I could do to keep my conditioning up.

Sun guard Lindsay Whalen, on her return to Minnesota last Sunday, as told to the Hartford Courant:
"I tried not to pay attention to the crowd until the end. At the end, I looked around. Yeah, there were a lot of Lynx colors out there. That was good to see."