Things said and heard around the WNBA this week.

Notes and Quotes:
July 3, 2005

Sting center Tammy Sutton-Brown, after Washington's OT win over Charlotte on Tuesday:
We need to learn from tonight and not get ourselves in a deep hole like we did. It took a lot out of us to fight through tonight and try to come back and tie it up.

Washington forward Charlotte Smith-Taylor, on her return to Charlotte on Tueday:
It feels like any other game. The first time was emotional but after a few games being here, Im pretty used to it. Im glad we were able to get the win.

Nykesha Sales, after reaching the 3,000-point plateau, as told to the Hartford Courant:
"It happens with hard work in the off-season throughout the years and being on some teams with great players. Stuff like that starts to happen. I think it's a great accomplishment."

Shock coach Bill Laimbeer, on the return of Swin Cash to practice:
"This is good news, but there's still not a definite date. I'm hoping it will be in July."

Silver Stars guard Marie Ferdinand, after Saturday night's win over the Liberty:
We played well tonight and put two halves together. Thats something weve been trying to do all season. We were able to build off the Seattle game. It just shows that when you play 40 minutes, good things happen. We did that tonight. (The two-game win streak) is a great feeling. Its something we havent felt all season long. I hope we can carry it over. Its great for our confidence. I saw it coming, I just didnt know when. We just cant get too high on our wins. We need to stay together as a team and keep the winning streak going.

Vickie Johnson honored at the Carnegie deli with a 3,000-calorie sandwich.
Liberty Images

Vickie Johnson, at the ceremony at New York's Carnegie Deli, which honored V.J. with her own sandwich:
"It's a great honor. I wouldn't have imagined it in my wildest dreams, just to be in the company of these great people. I don't know if I'm worthy of it."

Seattle's Sue Bird, after Thursday's loss in San Antonio:
They were very aggressive. I think they are better than they know they are, and better than what others think of them. With a team like that you cant let them hang around and build confidence. If you looked at records, people would say its a Seattle win going into the game, but they played well and built confidence.

Lisa Leslie, on her near-triple double against the Mercury on Saturday:
We've really been working on and improving on getting the ball to me this week. I try to tell [my teammates], 'If you look for me, I can drive and help you guys.' It really worked.

Monarchs guard Ticha Penicheiro:
I'm a different player now. Before, you could look at the result of any game and then look for my highlights. But I don't care about individual stuff at this point.

Storm forward Lauren Jackson, on the team's four-game losing streak:
We need to focus more and get better at doing the little things all the time. We need to regain our confidence and we will do that by getting back to our roots.

Comets coach Van Chancellor, on the schedule for Tina Thompson's return on Saturday:
We'll all be really happy when Tina Thompson comes back, and that's about the only thought process that we've had. We're just playing. We don't sit around here and say, we would have been this or that (wins or losses) if we would have had Tina (Thompson). We just play and we're getting better.

Charlotte's Tangela Smith, on her team after Saturday's loss to the Comets:
I don't think its one set thing, it's a lot of things combined. Not playing for 40 minutes and just coming out playing in spurts,we can't do that, we have to play aggressive at all times. Rebound, defend, its a lot of things we just have to put together.

Shock center Ruth Riley, after last Sunday's record comeback win against the Sparks:
"You can't give up 10 minutes into the game. We knew we were doing it to ourselves, so we could change things."

Houston guard Dominique Canty, to the Houston Chroncle:
"You know, the floor is like my best friend."

Sun coach Mike Thibault, after his team swept the Western Conference leading Monarchs in back-to-back games last week, to the Hartford Courant:
"I told my players, at the risk of offending my dentist, that going to play them is like going to the dentist. It has to be done, but you don't love doing it all the time. That's a really good basketball team that we played. They defend as well as anybody in this league."

Mystics coach Richie Adubato after Tuesday's win over the Sting:
"When people catch up by a three-point play at the end, you can go right in the tank and be completely demoralized. I'm very pleased we were mentally tough enough after we blew the game."

Comets center Michelle Snow, after a win over the Storm on Tuesday:
"It's like I said, we were going to use this game to measure up and see where we are as a team without one of our biggest, most experienced players, Tina Thompson. We came out focused. We had periods when we didn't play well, but we stayed together and put together a great team effort."

Lauren Jackson, on her lack of playing time down the stretch against the Comets:
I honestly have no idea why."

Liberty coach Pat Coyle:
[Wauters] is really beginning to come into her own," Coyle explained. "She has worked really hard since coming here, and it's starting to pay off for her."

Rutgers coach C. Vivian Stringer, on seeing her former pupil, Chelsea Newton at Madison Square Garden with the Monarchs:
I was watching everything, every move, even when she went over to talk to her coach," Stringer said. "Chelsea is so humble about this. And what else can you expect?"

Sheryl Swoopes, talking about the struggles of the Charlotte Sting:
The fact that their record is (2-11) I don't think really indicates how good a team they really are or how good of a team they can be. And I think when you're playing teams like that, you tend to have a letdown."

Monarchs rookie Kristin Haynie, on her return to Michigan on Friday night:
I heard there are a couple thousand people coming to the game (from Lansing), and that's awesome. I feel very honored to be loved by the Lansing fans. I can't wait to go home and give back to the community what they have given to me."