Things said and heard around the WNBA this week.

Notes and Quotes:
June 13, 2005

Silver Stars guard Shannon Johnson, on former teammate Margo Dydek, after a loss to the Sun on Saturday:
"She played a very good game but I would have liked it more if she was still playing for our team."

Fever guard Kelly Miller, after her game-winning shot against the Liberty on Friday night:
"I knew they didn't want to foul us and put us on the free throw line. I was hoping I could get a pretty good shot in the lane. I didn't want to settle for the outside shot."

Silver Stars forward Marie Ferdinand, last Tuesday, on the team's disappoint start:
"I'm not frustrated because I can see so many of the good things that we're doing. We're jelling offensively, and on the defense, you see flashes of it too."

Sun center Margo Dydek, on her return to San Antonio for a game on Saturday night:
"It's good to be back. I'm used to San Antonio so it makes it easy for me to come here. But really, it's a different team, only three or four of the same players and a different coach [Dan Hughes]."

Dominique Canty is having a breakout year with the Comets.
Bill Baptist/NBAE/Getty
ESPN analyst Nancy Lieberman, on Houston's point guard Dominque Canty:
"Canty always looks to make the right pass, yet she still slashes through the best defenses when the option presents itself. And, obviously, she's successfully running an offense which, at times, has been the most lethal in the league."

Silver Stars forward LaToya Thomas, after San Antonio's win over the Mystics on Tuesday:
"Fortunately, I kept getting the ball when the shot clock was down to about five seconds. Luckily, the shots were falling. I felt it in the first half. I think I was in a zone."

Monarchs center Yolanda Griffith, on her team's hot start:
"New year, new players, new attitude. We have a great combination with our young players. Every day, we are trying to get better."

Sparks forward Chamique holdsclaw, after the Sparks victory over the Monarchs on Saturday night, their first win in two meetings this season:
"We knew they would come out more aggressive in the second half, but I was glad we were able to hold our composure. Each game we're getting better; hopefully in the next game we can put it all together."

After a loss to the Mercury on Wednesday, Sparks forward Tamika Whitmore said:
"People can get their heads knocked off, and it's not called. But you just have to play through stuff like that and hope something goes your way. You just have to control what you can control.."

Storm coach Anne Donovan, prior to the Finals rematch with the Sun in Connecticut on Tuesday:
"We walk in with that target square on our back. I love this. It doesn't get better than this."

Spectrum writer Chuck Nunn, on his appreciation for the WNBA:
"Everybody out there who has ever cheered the girls on in high school or in college ought to be in favor of women getting their shot at competing at their best. The WNBA provides that, and the quality of the basketball is where it should be for the top level of women's sports."

Sun coach Mike Thibault after the Sun's convincing win in Connecticut on Tuesday:
"We got a lot of good performances," he said. "I don't think it's anywhere close to where we can be, but we've made great strides."

Minnesota's Suzie McConnell Serio, after her team's win over Houston last week:
"We got the win, we did it with our defense. The 2-3 zone is something we worked on a lot in training camp. And I never thought we would use it as much as we did tonight. It worked. We became aggressive, and the zone gave us a spark, being able to create off our defense and rebounding."

Storm center Janel Burse, who has silenced critics with her play so far this season:
"I don't feel like I'm doing anything out of character. It's just getting an opportunity and getting minutes."

Lynette Woodard, at her Women's Basketball Hall of Fame induction this weekend:
""Every player has a dream team so to speak, someone they want to play for or play like, and the Globetrotters was always the team I chose. Then it was dream come true. I said from a baby that I was going to play for this team."

"Every player has a dream team so to speak, someone they want to play for or play like, and the Globetrotters was always the team I chose. Then it was dream come true. I said from a baby that I was going to play for this team," Woodard said.

Mystics coach Richie Adubato, on his training camp-likes plans for his team in the upcoming week off:
"It will allow us to do a lot of things we haven't had a chance to do. We have to take advantage of the break."

Detroit's Cheryl Ford, after a home loss to the Storm on Wednesday:
"We don't bring it to a game," Ford said. "We've all got ears, and we don't have hearing problems. We're hearing it, but we're not listening. And until we take what he's saying to heart and listen and do what he asks us to do, we're just going to be some OK posts."

Seattle's Betty Lennox, after the victory over the Shock, one night after an apparent discord with teammate Sue Bird, who later broke her nose:
"We did it for Sue," said Lennox, quashing the verbal fight the two had in Tuesday's game. The only thing I'm worried about is if Sue's nose is doing OK. I feel really bad about her nose and I miss her. I can't wait to see her and embrace her and just let her know that we need her."

Comets coach Van Chancellor, on the meaning he draws from a fellow coach recovering from brain surgery:
"It's pretty inspirational to me. I think about it, I'm healthy, I feel good. And here's a guy who was almost on death's bed, so to speak, and then he comes back. You ought to look at his attitude."

Monarchs forward Nicole Powell, on her return to California, as told to the Berkshire Eagle:
"I just feel really good about coming here," Powell said. "Pretty much the whole team has embraced me and all of us newcomers. The team and the coaching staff really made it easy for me to come in and get into the offense."

Storm backup point guard Francesca Zara, on replacing Sue Bird in the lineup, who is out with a broken nose and cheekbone:
"It was a little bit weird because you know when you feel that everybody is looking at you? I felt that. "I felt weird, but I'm going to do my best to help this team win. But I hope everybody takes responsibility and not just me as the point guard."