Top Prospects By Position

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March 15, 2007 -- As the NCAA Tournament gets started this weekend, many of the top players will be on display while others will sit back and wait until pre-Draft camp to prove themselves one last time. Yet with the 2007 WNBA Draft in just three weeks, many opinions are taking shape on the top prospects by position. Here are some of the best of the best according to the WNBA Player Personnel Department.

Point Guards

Lindsey Harding, Duke
Best point guard in the country, Naismith Award Winner, the very epitome of a star. Smart leader, great ball-handling skills, scorer, awesome defensive skills. Her passing leads to scoring opportunities for herself and others. But her defense is just astounding. A playmaker who makes everyone better.

Ivory Latta, North Carolina
A winner who helps create confidence in her team through her confident play, love and passion for the game, winning attitude and her ability to electrify the crowd. Small but extremely quick and mightily explosive. One of the quickest guards in the country who is also mentally tough and a big-time winner. A well-respected shooter/scorer, yet defenders cannot stop her from taking the big shots... she's Ms. Momentum! Very high basketball IQ with the ability to run several styles of play. Only weakness is trying to do too much = turnovers.

Kiera Hardy, Nebraska
She just drips with athleticism and should have an immediate impact in the WNBA. Hardy is a great kid who plays hard, is strong with the ball and is very quick. She can also score from anywhere on the court and has a nice mid-range game. Just watch her off the dribble because she can break you down and pass the ball with skill. Her strengths are her quickness, her ability to score and her passing game, which is simply excellent. She just needs to work on staying under control and fine-tuning her shot selection.

Dee Davis, Vanderbilt
A true point guard in the sense that she is a playmaker whose objective is to deliver the ball and put teammates in the best position to score. She also knows the right pass to make and when, whether to spoon feed it, thread the needle or drop it off in traffic. She is not a shooter, but has the ability to score; she thinks team first, her second. She also has a way of finding openings to drive the lane, then dish or finish. Davis has good body control and hang time, is strong with the ball, smart and has a lot of heart. A true leader, great on-ball pressure. The only knock against her is that knee brace and her lateral movement.

Renee Taylor, Miami
Just a 5-2 bundle of joy. She led the ACC in scoring. So quick, plays much bigger than her size, has great ability to score whether its knocking down a 3, in-between game or finishing a lay-up in traffic. She is like Temeka Johnson with a smaller frame. Tough, gritty, huge tenacity and wants to put team on back and let them ride her. Her coach says she is a workaholic.

Stephanie Raymond, Northern Illinois
A small floor general (5-5) who gets it done with her smarts, quickness and superb handle; uses both her right and left, yet is most effective driving to the basket going left. She has great ability to knock down the 3 coming off screens and a quick release. She works hard, provides a lot of movement without the ball. Excellent free-throw shooter and stellar passing skills; provides good help side defense, is in great shape (could run all day) and the only downside is her size.

The Sleeper:
Lyndsey Medders, Iowa State

She is capable of playing both guard positions because she has proven herself as a deadly 3-point shooter. She raised her stock in the Big 12 Tournament. She played the point all season, but absolutely broke everyone's back when she started draining her shots.

Shooting Guards

Armintie Price, Mississippi
She has a great, athletic body that is still raw; Offensively, there's nothing she can't do. Strong on defense, as well. She is the two-time SEC Defensive Player of the Year. A very focused player with tremendous athletic and mental abilities, extremely quick and rather crafty. Price needs to get stronger with the ball when creating for herself, but when she steals the ball, she is so quick to the other end. She doesn't have a jump shot yet, but makes up for it with her slashing ability.

Noelle Quinn, UCLA
She has the ability to flat-out score; a WNBA starter, the best out West who can play 1, 2 or 3. She spent most of this year playing point guard and handles ball extremely well, great passer, finished second in Pac-10 in assists. She did everything that was asked of her and more, leading the team with averages of 18 ppg, 8 rpg, 5.5 apg, and 0.5 spg. Has a sweet jumper and loves the dribble pull-up. She will need to work on her conditioning and defense.

Chrissy Givens, Middle Tennessee
Ms. Fundamental with an athletic body; very strong perimeter player that penetrates the defense extremely well. Consistently creates space to get that mid-range jumper off or drive to the basket. Has a great knack to draw defense to her so she can pass to open teammates. Makes people around her look good. Utilizes her strength, body control, ball hesitation and quick spin moves to make something happen on offense. Defensively sound and aggressive. A smart player as well as great in the classroom, she graduated with honors in three years and is now working on her Masters.

Cameo Hicks, Washington
Solid ball-handling skills and a nice shot, but tends to force things. Athletic and quick, but could work on conditioning to improve defense. Could be a good passer once she learns to let the game come to her and make better decisions with the ball. The ultimate pest on defense and definitely a scorer. Would like to see her use her quickness to create more offense from defense.

The Sleeper:
Ashley Dill, Coastal Carolina

She is an excellent athlete. She is quick, can shoot well and has great leaping ability. When you see her, you just know that she is an athlete. She may be at a small school, but she has a big game.

Small Forwards

Eshaya Murphy, USC
She has the ability to play 1, 2 & 3. She's quick, can shoot and defend and has the total, all-around game. Only downside is that she's in the Pac-10, and teams and fans on the East Coast and in the South don't get to see a lot of her game. She's a player, athletic, great body and skills waiting for the next level. Great movement without the ball, yet when she has the ball she has eminent court vision. Will punish if left open with the sweetest rotation of the ball.

Katie Gearlds, Purdue
Shooter alert!

Kamesha Hairston, Temple
A contender to go in the first round depending on who picks based on pure talent. Smooth with the perfect WNBA body: lean and athletic. She's a 3 player who can create her own shot and post up smaller guards inside. Tough, gritty and wants the ball in her hands. A triple threat: offensive power, great defensive skills, the heart of a champion, wants to compete and win. Her only weakness is her 3-point shot.

Jessica Dickson, South Florida
A mentally tough player who can do it all. Plays hard all the time on both ends; very good ball-handling skills that allow her to play 1, 2 or 3. Effectively changes speeds, making her very hard to guard; very unselfish; tremendous force on the offensive boards and rebounds her own misses. Just the complete package: nice handles with a variety of moves (in and out, hesitation between legs, nice passer, very unselfish, knows how to feed her personnel and can score). Add it up = WNBA.

Sidney Spencer, Tennessee
Great body, a 6-3 small forward who has NBA range. She's a bit streaky, but when she's on, she will punish you. She will be the difference for Tennessee during this NCAA Tournament. If her shot is on, it's a done deal. She has the height to shoot over most defenders, but can also post up. She reminds me of a European player.

The Sleeper:
Tyresa Smith, Delaware

A tremendous athlete who can impact the game on both ends of the floor. Her defensive ability is great. She has wonderful anticipation and tenacity to steal and deflect the ball. She is a great mid-range player who can get her shot off the dribble going primarily to the right, but can elevate. She is a scorer more than a shooter who can take it to the basket and finish in heavy traffic. Makes good decisions and can deliver the right pass under pressure. She could be a defensive stopper in WNBA due to her size and desire to stop people.

Power Forwards

Bernice Mosby, Baylor
Quick, strong, athletic body with great passing skills and scoring capabilities. She can do it all. Mosby is a fun player to watch when she's playing hard and being herself. She has nice ball-handling skills at the power forward position. She can also grab the rebound and run it coast to coast. You might even call her a point forward. Defensively, she can alter shots with her long arms and her quick feet. She can guard on the perimeter as well as mixing it up down low.

Carla Thomas, Vanderbilt
The ultimate blue collar worker, she is a workhorse that takes pride in doing the little things. A great rebounder with honed ball-handling skills. Can literally cross you over the top of the key and has the ability to get to the basket with her right or left hand. Her post moves are not flashy, but she can finish. She may not be the quickest, but she is the most efficient. She's not going to try to do too much, but she does what she does, and does it well.

Tiffany Jackson, Texas
A versatile big, Jackson, handles the ball well and can create from the perimeter and the post. She can even guard players out on the perimeter, which makes her a valuable asset to whatever team selects her. Jackson goes to the boards strong and aggressively, plays with intensity and is always willing to give up her body. Her strengths are her athleticism, her inside post moves, her passion and her quickness off the dribble. Her main focal points to improve upon are finishing inside and staying out of foul trouble.

Camille Little, North Carolina
At 6-2, she brings tremendous versatility and a high court IQ to the floor. Little can play both forward positions and effectively distribute the ball. Defensively, which is her forte, she has great anticipation in the passing lanes and she has long arms for rebounding and blocking shots. She has the potential to be a very big player who can perform well inside or out. She is mentally tough and very intense, but needs to work on her consistency on the offensive end of the floor.

Jillian Robbins, Tulsa
A nice player with so much more to give; finesse with a smooth touch on the block. A silent assassin, she crashes the boards and always seems to be around the ball… loose balls, jump balls, rebounding and scoring. Takes a hit and still finishes. She could show more passion and needs to work on her ball-handling skills.

The Sleeper:
Kathrin Ress, Boston College

A foreigner playing at Boston College with a nice game. Another sleeper with some buzz is Yolanda Jones, who plays at Louisiana-Lafayette.


Jessica Davenport, Ohio State
My number one post player, don't be surprised to see her taken first, second or third. Big, strong and fierce, look out for Davenport.

Alison Bales, Duke
A smart player who knows what she does best and does not try to play outside her strengths. At 6-7, she is the total package: she can score high and low, tough, aggressive and resistant rebounder, very efficient and effective passer, smart big body that will alter movement and shots in the middle; great passing skills; improved lateral movement and foot speed, strong rebounder, fights for position well underneath the basket. Weaknesses are speed & quickness.

Brooke Smith, Stanford
A bona fide big girl who loves to play the block. Her nickname is "old school" because she can take the ball to the hoop using a hook, up-and-under or straight off the glass. What she lacks in foot speed, she makes up with an arsenal of great post moves. Favorite go-to move is the hook shot left or right (very efficient) and has a great counter move, the up-and-under... very slow but oh so deceptive. She has great basketball IQ, reads her defense very well and finishes even better.

Amanda Brown, Penn State
A big body ready to play in the WNBA. She truly has an arsenal of post-up moves, but is more of a finesse player with a good mid-range jumper. She has international experience playing with the Canadian National Team, but needs work on her footwork to keep up with some of the quicker posts at the next level. She is an excellent rebounder, though, runs the floor well and her size forces opponents to change their shots.

The Sleeper:
Meredith Alexis, James Madison

She has moved up on a lot of WNBA teams' lists, so we will see her in the NCAA Tournament. Aggressive on the defensive ends, she changes shots and alters offensive plans. A great complimentary player who is also capable of putting her team on her back for stretches.