The Liberty Point Guard Dishes on Her Offseason Activities

Loree Moore Finding Inspiration in a ’Loser’

New York Liberty point guard Loree Moore had a career year in 2007, besting her career averages in scoring, assists, rebounding, steals and three-point shooting. The former Tennessee Lady Vol helped the Liberty rebound from the worst losing season in franchise history to qualify for the playoffs and finished third in the WNBA's Most Improved Player award voting.

Moore spoke with's Adam Hirshfield recently about what she's been up to since her team's Game 3 loss in Detroit, her plans for the offseason and her hopes for the Liberty in 2008.

Q. You've been off since the Liberty season ended with a loss to the Shock on Aug. 28. What have you been up to? Where have you been?

A. "I've been in New York, staying in the Bronx. Honestly, I haven't been up to a whole lot since our season ended. I hadn't picked up a ball until a few days ago because I really wanted to give my body a break. And it's actually been nice to rest both mentally and physically.

"I'm not a real TV person, but I've been doing a lot of TV watching lately… getting into the new shows."

Q. What TV show were you most looking forward to checking out this fall?

A. "I'm really into The Biggest Loser. I watch that one a lot. I also like Top Chef. I finally caught up with the finale and (SPOILER ALERT) saw that Hung won."

Q. Interesting… So what's the fascination with The Biggest Loser?

A. "I love watching and getting to know the contestants and seeing the changes in their lives from eating right and exercising. It's amazing how their eyes are opened to the fact that they can get healthier and improve their lives with just a little bit of encouragement.

"It's really a good show. You get to follow their lifestyle, see the interaction with their families, get all the inside information. It's amazing how as it goes on, they're not really looking at the big prize anymore. It's more about being healthier, achieving their goals and losing as many pounds as they can.

"It's almost inspirational. As an athlete, you pay so much attention to your body, eating right and staying in shape… but at the same time, there are some days when even we slip too. Like I said, I haven't worked out in a long time… and as great shape as we're in during the season, it's tough to get back into it having been away for a while now."

Q. How do you get back started doing serious workouts when you've been away and there isn't the immediate pressure and motivation of a game on the horizon?

A. "You just have to get over that first hurdle and get back into the gym and it builds from there. Once I heard I was going to Russia with the USA Basketball Team, that got me right back into the mindset of having to work out and get back in shape. So I got back in the gym and started lifting weights again. I got back on the court and started shooting, and I started doing some drills to get my conditioning back to where it needs to be. I've been trying to build it up as much as possible, doing bike sprints and getting on the elliptical machine.

"But the best way to get back into game shape is by playing games. You can work out as much as you want, but it doesn't prepare you in quite the same way as actually playing live five-on-five does."

Q. Are there any particular skills you're really working on during the offseason?

A. "The biggest thing I have to work on is my pull-up jumper. I really want to be able to do more off the dribble and get to the basket. I have to work on body control, because when you take the ball to the hoop, people are more likely to hit you and I have to be able to finish.

"I also need to work on my strength. I need to make sure my three-point shot and my ball-handling stay consistent."

Q. What else have you been up to in your spare time? Have you seen any movies or done any traveling?

A. "No, I haven't done any traveling and I haven't really been to the movies. I have done a lot of shopping, though. I've picked up a lot of new clothes… But I've just been hanging out with my friends around here. I like to eat, so I've been trying out some new restaurants. There's this place in the Village called Pink Tea Cup… it's a soul food place. Good stuff."

Q. What's the craziest or most interesting thing you've done since the season ended?

A. "Crazy? Nothing fits in that category. I've really been boring. I've really been plopped on the couch watching TV. I don't even watch a lot of TV, that's why it's kind of funny. Since the season ended, that seems like all I've been doing."

Q. What do you think is the best new show of the TV season?

A. "I watched the first few episodes of Chuck, and I like it. I thought it was kinda funny. I also watched Gossip Girl, which comes on after America's Next Top Model. I've been into that one also."

Q. So you're headed over to Russia to play with USA Basketball, right? Is it a real honor to be joining that squad? What's going through your mind as you get set to put on the red, white and blue?

A. "Yes, I leave Monday. And yeah, it's great. Not too many people get the chance to participate in something like this. It'll be terrific to be a part of the tour… I'll be on the college tour here in the States as well.

"One of the highlights will be getting to play with some amazing teammates: Diana, Sue, Lisa Leslie… To be able to play with players of that caliber and to learn from them will be very special. I'll get an opportunity to see how they prepare for games, what they're focusing on and what's going through their minds. And that will really help me as an individual player and the Liberty if I can come back and put some of that knowledge into practice. Hopefully it will help me to mature both as a basketball player and as a person.

"And to be around the great coaches like Dawn Staley? Wow. She was always one of the players I looked up to, so hopefully I'll be able to pick up some tips from her and elevate my game to a new level."

Q. Have you given any thought to the Olympics next summer?

A. "Yeah, I would definitely love to make it onto that team. During the tour, I'll be focusing on leaving a good impression on the coaches and committee. Hopefully it'll say, 'If you pick me, you'll get exactly what you see.' A lot of them get to see me during the WNBA season, but I want to make sure I show them what I can do on the court. But I also want them to get to know me as a person. Hopefully the two combined will give me a shot at making the Olympic team."

Q. Are you planning on heading overseas after the USA Basketball tour in Russia?

A. "Yes, I'm hoping to head over around Jan. 1. I'm not sure where yet, but we have some offers coming in. My goal is to head over there around the New Year and then to come back in time for training camp in New York in the spring."

Q. Do you have any nagging injuries or are you healthy and ready to roll?

A. "Nope, I'm ready to roll. I've been doing everything I can to overcome the little nagging things from the season -- like going to the chiropractor and getting massages -- but I'm well on my way to getting the bod back to where it needs to be. I need to get back into shape, but that shouldn't take too long for me."

Q. Have you given any thought to next year with Liberty? Do you see the squad improving next year on your fourth-place finish in the East?

A. "I'm very excited, actually! Even though the end to our season was disappointing, after I had some time to reflect on it, I realized that almost our whole team is coming back. We learned a lot this past year, and with another go-round with the same core of players, I think we can accomplish more.

"We're all ready to take it to another level. And we're doing everything we can during the offseason: going overseas with hopes of improving and bringing something new back to the Liberty. I think we'll continue to surprise some people. I really think we'll be better next year, and our players will continue to step up like they did this year. We'll be an exciting team to watch!"