WNBA players talk about their peers' performance on the court
Game Recognizes Game

Tamika Catchings on Swin Cash
I think Swin is definitely the leader of her team, and that allows her to improve her game, when she gets on the court, she does what she needs to do, she can score, she moved from the 4 to the 3 just like me, so over the years she's been able to develop, and gain more respect as a player, and she's definitely on her way to becoming one of the great players of this league.
Ruth Riley on Lisa Leslie
What makes her such a good player? "I think her mental toughness is one of her biggest strengths, and regardless of the situation, she wants the ball, and she's worked on her game to the point where she can do so many things on the floor but at the same time she has this competitive edge that makes so successful with those talents.
Katie Smith on Becky Hammon
She has a way of getting off shots. She is small but has a way of scoring. You think you have her stopped and then she'll throw some stuff in there. She finds a way to get to the hole. She has a knack for finishing.
Becky Hammon on Sue Bird
What makes her such a good player? "Her mind, she understands the game she thinks the game, so that's what I think her greatest attribute is."
Nikki McCray on Chamique Holdsclaw
We had a nice little 1-2 punch in Washington. She has that up-tempo, New York playground style of play. As a 6-2 forward who can handle the ball, put it between her legs, get the reverse lay-ups, the fadeaway jumper, she is just so entertaining to watch. She is also a great rebounder.
Lindsay Whalen on Temeka Johnson
She gets so low to the ground when she does her moves that it's hard to guard her, she's improved her jump shot since college, and she's a formidable player. Every night I play her I have to be on top of my game and ready to get down in a stance, because she's coming at me."
Helen Darling on Dawn Staley
Throughout my career, Dawn and I always had great battles. It was a fun battle. I used to call her a little cheater because she would do those little veteran things because she knew exactly what she could get away with. I'd be like, 'Dawn, stop cheating,' and she'd be like, 'It's not cheating, I'm just playing ball.' We always went at it. Being with her in Charlotte for those couple of seasons was really great. Dawn is a great person. That's what makes her so special. She has a great heart and isn't really like your typical superstar. When we go to appearances, Dawn is always the last one there signing autographs. She is just a wonderful person. She gives back to the community and you can't not just fall in love with her.
Betty Lennox on Deanna Nolan
Her athleticism is so amazing, yet she plays so laid back. Think about how great she would be if she could focus even a little bit more. She can dunk. Having Bill Laimbeer as a coach will help her to develop into one of the best players. I'd be afraid to see her dunk because I have a hard enough time trying to guard her when she elevates, knowing I only have five fouls to give. She really could be one of the best and I think she will be.