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Have You Seen her?
Connecticut’s Asjha Jones

The Connecticut Sun finished with the best overall record in the WNBA the past two seasons, and a big reason for that has been the development and play of forward Asjha Jones. As the key reserve off the bench, Jones often plays more minutes than many of the starters and even scores more, as well. She is a big, physical force capable of getting it done on the offensive and defensive ends. Jones has accepted her role and thrives in it, often blending together with the five All-Stars that she gets to play with. She was also a part of the Class of 2002 out of the University of Connecticut, so she is used to playing with big names and big stars.

Q. What is your motivation when don't feel like working out, running that extra mile, or waking up early?
"We get paid to play basketball, it's a dream that many people didn't get to have, you know you are getting paid to do something you love and to stay in shape. So you wake up, you just have to do what you have to do like anybody else."

Asjha Jones, Connecticut Sun.
Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images
Q. When did you first start playing the game?
"Well I think that I've been playing pretty much my whole life, but I think my first organized league was when I was ten years old in fifth grade, I was tall, I was always taller than everyone else so I think basketball was pretty natural for me and I loved it, so that made it easier to stick with."

Q. Who were the major basketball and non-basketball influences in your life?
"Basketball I would say Micheal Jordan, I loved the Bulls and he was a great player, I used to try to do some of his moves when he was younger. My father and my aunt really did a lot for me when I was growing up, and it really took me around to all the events I needed to do."

Q. Was there a time in your career when you thought about quitting the game?
"Sometimes you just get a little tired, you play year round and you just feel like taking a break, but never quitting. We play all year round and its tough in the summers, in the off-season you're playing overseas and you're missing your family, so that can take a toll on you physically, but I don't think anybody wants to give it up until their body makes them."

Q. Any healthy snacks or meals that you recommend?
"For me, I've been eating a lot of salmon. I love salmon and when I go out to restaurants I like to eat salmon and a salad. Other than that, lots of fruits and vegetables, bananas and oranges in particular. Before games I usually wake up and have some oatmeal, or go shootaround and have a breakfast type thing. And before the game when I get to the arena me and Katie would always have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It's just something easy to hold you over."

Q. What else other than basketball drives you?
"Eventually I'd like to go back to school and do physical therapy, when I went into college it was what I wanted to do, but basketball is so hectic and crazy we kind of get steered away from things like that. You have labs and things you would miss because you are traveling so much, but eventually I'd like to go back to school and do physical therapy."

Q. How often do you work out?
"Well on our team, if you're not playing you're going to be working out. Usually I'll lift after every game, the only time I'm not in the weight room is the day before a game. So almost every day we're doing something."