Tweeting with Chamique Holdsclaw

Taking inspiration from the Seattle Storm and Swin Cash, the WNBA and Atlanta Dream arranged a Twitterview with the newest member of the Dream, Chamique Holdsclaw. Fans were able to tweet their questions to Chamique from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday and Chamique tweeted them back with her answers.

Stay tuned this season as we plan to do a twitterview each week with one of the many WNBA players on Twitter. To see the full list of players on Twitter, as well as links to Facebook pages, blogs, the WNBA widget and more, visit our Connect with the WNBA page.

@Chold1 Welcome back to the W. I'm glad you face off vs Catch on ATL's Opening Night. Mik vs Mique is still the best match up in the League!

@Slovydal Thank you very much. I'm so excited and I love playing against Catch bc she makes u rie to another level bc she plays so hard

@Chold1 hi Chamique

@lvolsfan Hello

@Chold1 so ms holdsclaw, what did you miss most about the wnba once you retired?

@thatGAgirl The thing I missed most is having my friends and family watching me play.

@Chold1 and I read ur book. Still got tht & ur signature & pics

@DaHitwrytergirl Wow thats throwback material.

@Chold1 Chamique you are a great player. What made you come back to the WNBA?

@Tiff_50 Honestly I just realized when its over its over. I wanted my family and friends to watch me again before my career was over.

@Chold1 do u prefer a steal or break ankles?

@romzekmichelle I'm a NYC kid so of course breaking ankles lol

@Chold1 Welcome back, Mique! What do you think about the supporting cast ATL has built this offseason to compliment your return?

@gp33 I'm really excited we have some quality vets and some amazing young talent . I just think its a great mix the staff went to work.

@Chold1 I heard you love Atlanta...what is your favorite spot?

@sarahrdavisATL Honestly I just love being out and about. Atlanta has so much to offer music scene, museums, parks, its all there

@Chold1 I hope you have a great year

@lvolsfan Thanks

@Chold1 how does it feel to be playing with Michelle Snow again??

@miss_bria I'm really excited to be connected with a former Lady Vol. This will be a first for me

@Chold1 I love that you and Nikki Teasley are on the same team - Have you had a chance to practice with her yet?

@Slovydal I'm excited Nikki is an amazing point guard. We trained together before she headed abroad she's also a big reason I'm in ATL

@Chold1 Mique! Miss ya lots! :)

@lamarmcarter Miss u too brother. Be blessed

@Chold1 Setting up base in ATL, do you think you'll be able to make it to Knoxville to help Pat whip those kids into shape for next season?

@gp33 I def. look forward to meeting this group and believe me I have lots of advice to offer. They are gonna be so good

@Chold1 I know that you and Canty are good friends. What was the experience like overseas playing with her? Fan from chicago

Canty is an amazing person and a true professional. I couldn't have asked for a better person to be around. I love her to def

@Chold1 Are you excited to have Michelle Snow on the team?

@AtlantaDreamI've really excited to play with Snow! It will be like the old days lolless than a minute ago from web in reply to AtlantaDream

@Chold1 who are u looking forward to playing the most

@carmalatte22 Everyone! This is like an all new experience for me I feel like a rookie

@Chold1 Any chance of Sales joining you in ATL this Summer to play?

@gp33 I wish Sales would join us. We been hoopin against one another since we were 14. So I would love to say we played together

@Chold1 can't wait to see ya on the court!! since u love music what's your favorite song to listen to before a game

@carmalatte22 Anything Jay Z and Raheem Devaughn. This new Jada Kiss is fire.

I'm getting into my Atl music now Jeezy, T.I, Shawty Lo not to mention Gucci Mane lol. I have to stay connected and in the mix

@Chold1 what made you choose Atlanta for your return to the league?

@femme_menace First of all its home sleeping in ur own bed every night is priceless. Great support from the fans plus i have so many ties

@Chold1 what's your favorite restaurant in Atlanta

@carmalatte22 There's so many good ones. I like 2 Urban Licks, Nan Thai, and this BBQ spot called Old South.

@Chold1 who are some of the younger players you are excited about?

@femme_menace Tamara Young and Angel McCoughtry

Thanks 4 joining me 2day! I appreciate da love and support Remember the first game is June 6 @Philips Arena or u can catch us on the road.