Her Story: Connecticut's Kelsey Griffin

The WNBA is dedicated to raising funds and awareness of breast cancer during the week of August 3rd to August 10th. Throughout the week, players around the league will share stories of how the disease has affected them and those closest to them in a feature known as "Her Story."

My grandmother on my momís side had breast cancer a few years ago and it came back in her other breast. She, in turn, had to have a full mastectomy. On my dadís side, my grandmother was diagnosed with the disease. Both of them battled the disease when I was much younger.

On my momís side, she had it and it went away and then it came back. I donít remember the exact years but the last surgery was pretty recent, within the last five years.

With my momís mom, it was one of those things where they found it, it was operable and she didnít have to go through any treatments, and so they were able to take care of it. Itís always a scary situation whenever cancer is involved, but it was in a state where the doctors had a good idea of what was going on and felt they could treat it as long as she was healthy enough for surgery.


BHA Week
Neither one of my grandmothers have had a chance to see me play in person, but the great thing about my momís mom is that sheís out in Minnesota. So when we go out there sheíll be at that game. My dad and his mom, both of them, watch me all the time online.

As a whole, my family has become more aware of this disease. My mom has made sure to get checked out regularly. Since she works in the oncology section of a hospital, she already knows the importance of being on top of that.

Having witnessed this growing up, Iíve developed a greater awareness of my own personal well being. I know theyíre finding more and more evidence that it can be genetic and that if other people in your family are predisposed to it then youíre a higher risk for it. I know thatís definitely something I need to be aware of and take precautions with. At the same time itís also so prevalent in women, and something all women need to be conscious about. This is something that is more or less preventable if you can catch it early enough. Itís something you need to be on top of and get regular appointments for.