WNBA legend Teresa Weatherspoon has been out of the game for nearly two years now, but you wouldn't know it by looking at her. Still solid as a rock, the two-time WNBA Defensive Player of the Year and four-time All-WNBA selection is still very active and plays basketball all the time. She is a teacher, mentor and all-time great and still secretly pines for one more shot at showing up the younger players taking over today's game.

Find out what other WNBA players had to say about their fitness routines.

Teresa Weatherspoon credits her All-Star talents and defensive tenaciousness to her superior physical fitness.
Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE/Getty Images

Q. What's your favorite exercise for lower body? What results does this exercise help you achieve?
One thing about me is that I am a true believer in body weight. I do a lot of stuff with just body weight alone before I go over to free weights. I like to sit against the wall. My trainer will sit there and time and see how long I can stay there before my legs begin to tremble. One leg, two legs. I also like to leg extensions and leg curls. I also like that Buns Blaster - gotta keep that butt tight. Basketball is a tough sport and I love defense, so my legs have to be strong.

Q. What's your favorite exercise for upper body and why?
For upper body, I like to do my push-ups, dips and pull-ups before I get to the free weights. I also do curls for my biceps and triceps. Chest and back come in somewhere as well.

Q. What's your favorite cardio exercise?
All of my conditioning and running is done on the court. I like to stay within a basketball frame of mind.

Q. What did you do to stay in shape during the offseason?
I did a lot of working out on the basketball court.

Q. What's your toughest fitness challenge?
The push-ups get really really tough because there are so many variations that I do.Off-balance, one-armed or on the stability tracks. When I get to that point, I wonder if I can hold up much longer without breaking my wrists or hands. I just think to myself that I have to get it done.

Q. Is there one exercise that you hate doing and have to force yourself to complete?
The one thing about me that everyone knows is that you cannot get me on a treadmill. I also hate the stationary bike because I don't like to feel like I'm not going anywhere. I like to know that I moved somewhere.

Q. Is there a song/type of music that you listen to while you're working out?
No music at all when I'm working out. I want to hear what the trainer is telling me. I like the encouragement and I like to be pushed to the point of exhaustion.

Q. Is there a fitness product on television that makes you laugh the most?
One did make me laugh - The Total Gym. I was like "Get Outta Here!"… Until I bought one for myself. It's excellent. Just in case I can't get out or didn't make it to the gym, I get on that Total Gym and it works you. I thought it was a joke just to see. I was curious.

Q. Is there a certain food or meal that you would eat before games or a favorite healthy snack??
I used to always have a banana before gametime. Like 10 or 15 minutes. But I eat the pasta and chicken beforehand. Pasta is something I have to have beforehand for the energy.

Q. When did you start working out and when were you (or are you now) in the best shape of your life?
I started out really young. I enjoyed the results. I liked to sweat. I liked that I could eat whatever I wanted to and then go seat it off. And then eat some more. Working out kept me out of trouble.