Working Out With Tammy Sutton-Brown

Tammy Sutton-Brown, who recently re-signed with the Fever, is preparing for her second season in Indiana and her eighth WNBA season overall.

A native of Ontario, Canada, and a member of the Canadian National Team, the 6-4 center added an experienced post presence to the Fever lineup in 2007. She averaged 12.0 points and 5.4 rebounds per game for Indiana last summer and was fifth in the WNBA with 1.38 blocks per game.

Sutton-Brown is spending the offseason in Istanbul, Turkey for a second straight season. She is playing again with Fenerbahce and averaging 14.8 points and 7.1 rebounds in EuroLeague play as she prepares for the upcoming WNBA season.

The two-time WNBA All-Star spoke with about her workout regimen and how she keeps her body conditioned to compete against the world's best players.

Q. Whatís your favorite exercise for lower body? Why?

Sutton-Brown: Iíd say squats for the quads because it gives you a good foundation and as a post player it helps you get position in the post.

Q. Whatís your favorite exercise for upper body? Why?

Sutton-Brown: Bench press because you have to get those arms strong.

Q. Whatís your favorite cardio exercise?

Sutton-Brown: The elliptical because itís not that hard on the knees. I havenít had any knee problems and I want to keep it that way.

Q. How do you work out on your off days during the season?

Sutton-Brown: I donít (laughs). I go shopping. I get my cardio by walking the mall.

Q. What do you do to stay in shape during the offseason?

Sutton-Brown: I usually find myself overseas so Iím constantly playing. If Iím not playing overseas, Iíll find myself in the gym somewhere doing some cardio and weight training. But usually, playing overseas keeps me in shape.

Q. Is there a fitness accomplishment youíre most proud of?

Sutton-Brown: Being able to keep up with these girls on the court on a daily basis, night in and night out with some of the best players in the world.

Q. Is there one exercise that you hate doing and have to force yourself to complete?

Sutton-Brown: Pull-ups. Itís just ugly. No other comment on that one.

Q. What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get into better shape for playing basketball?

Sutton-Brown: Honestly, I donít think thereís anything that simulates a game situation, so the more you play the better. You can do all of the cardio you want on a treadmill or a bike or whatever, but once you get on the court, its different just running up and down the court. Just put yourself in a game situation.

Q. How would you describe the role/importance of fitness and exercise in your life?

Sutton-Brown: Itís definitely very important. I know for myself, I feel a lot better when I work out. We usually have practice in the morning and thatís the best time for me because then you have energy for the rest of the day, so you can go shopping and do some fun stuff. It just wakes you up.

Q. Is there a song/type of music that you listen to while youíre working out?

Sutton-Brown: Iím an R&B type person, nothing specific. Put on something with a little beat and Iím good.

Q. Is there a fitness product on TV that makes you laugh the most?

Sutton-Brown: All of those little ab exercises make me laugh. They come out with so many. They have the six-minute abs and they had the ab-flex back in the day. Thereís a lot of them. The ads say ĎYou can even do this at work!í No you canít! But you know what; I bet thereís a lot of people that buy it.

Q. Is there a certain food/meal that you like to eat before games or a favorite healthy snack?

Sutton-Brown: Youíll find me at Subway with a turkey sub Ö and chips.

Q. When did you start working out and when were you (or are you now) in the best shape of your life?

Sutton-Brown: Probably in the last few years is when Iíve been in the best shape. My parents always had me in something when I was younger whether it was softball or basketball or swimming or figure skating. So I started young and I was always kind of active and involved in stuff. I didnít get into weightlifting until my first year of college.