Detroit's Deanna Nolan knows that getting in shape does not happen overnight, but is an ongoing process that takes months. It is this kind of dedication that keeps her strong late in games and deep in the playoffs.

Find out what other WNBA players had to say about their fitness routines.

Nolan knows to always keep her legs moving.
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What's your favorite exercise for lower body and what does that help you to do on the court?
For lower body, I like to do squats not with the barbell, but just seated squats with the leg. I think that helps me strengthen my legs to last during those long minutes you have in games. It just makes my legs stronger.

And for upper body?
I like to do dumbar curls and sometimes medicine ball push-ups for when you're on the ball and you have to push up from the ball.

What do these give you?
Having more lift and range on my shot.

Do you have a favorite cardio exercise?
No, I don't.

Is there an exercise that you hate, that you have to force yourself to complete?
The one exercise that I hate, and I can't remember the name of it, but it's the one where you have to get on this machine and lift yourself up to strengthen your back. Usually we'll have to do it with this big four or five pound ball, so it's kind of hard.

Is there a fitness accomplishment you're most proud of?
I think reaching a certain weight, because last year, when I came into the season, I was overweight. That's not usually me, and this year, I had to make sure I stayed toned and thin because I didn't want it to catch up with me in the long run.

Is there any fitness goal you're working towards?
Really just to be in the best shape that I can be. When I'm on the court, I don't want to get tired. If my team needs me out there at a certain point, I don't want to be tired or unable to perform.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get into better shape for playing basketball?
I would tell them that it's a steady process. Don't think that after a week that you're going to see improvements. You have to keep at it. It may take a month or two, but just stay in there and work out.

Is there a fitness product that you've seen on TV. that makes you laugh the most?
Yes, I laugh at the one where they show that stun machine, the one that's supposed to shape you by shocking you. I don't know how, but that's the one I laugh at.

Is there a specific food you like to eat before games or after working out?
Before games sometimes, depending on how I feel, I try to eat pasta or a burger and fries, but don't say anything.

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