Storm guard Betty Lennox is a self-professed gym rat, and all of her hard work finally paid off in 2004 as she helped Seattle win the WNBA Championship and earned the 2004 WNBA Finals MVP award. It looks like all of that time spent in the gym helped those legs stay fresh deep into the postseason.

Find out what other WNBA players had to say about their fitness routines.

Lennox showed just how fit she was late in the season and the 2004 Playoffs.
Bill Baptist/NBAE/Getty Images

What's your favorite exercise for lower body?
Squats - it helps my defensive stance and power for rebounding, and it also helps my speed. It works my whole lower body in one exercise.

What's your favorite exercise for upper body?
Bicep curls and tricep press. It helps to define my arms. Stonger arms to help me shoot the ball better and achieve more shots in a game.

What's your favorite cardio exercise?

What do you do to work out on off days during the season?
During the season on my days off, I work out more than I would on a typical work day in the weightroom.

What do you do to stay in shape during the offseason?
Work out with a personal trainer. One for basketball and one for weightlifting.

What is your toughest fitness challenge?

Is there a fitness/exercise goal that you've set for yourself that you're working towards now?
Yes, to be more toned.

Is there a fitness accomplishment you're most proud of?
Yes, the loss of body fat. I'm down to 4% now! :)

Is there one exercise that you hate doing and have to force yourself to complete?

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get into better shape for playing basketball?
Stay focused and set goals for yourself.

How would you describe the role/importance of fitness and exercise in your life?
Fitness and exercise is very important in my life because I have to stay in shape and rehab any injuries that may occur during the season.

Is there a song/type of music that you listen to while you're working out?
Just R&B.

Is there a fitness product on TV that makes you laugh the most?
I laugh at all of them.

Is there a certain food/meal that you like to eat before games? What foods do you have a weakness for? What's your favorite healthy snack?
No, nothing specific before games and no weaknesses. Wheat thins.

When did you start working out? How has your fitness routine changed over the years?
I started working out as a senior in high school. The best shape I was in was when I was with the Cleveland Rockers a couple of seasons ago. I have changed my routine to focus on different body parts and what needs more attention.

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