Minnesota's Teresa Edwards thinks that the best way to stay in shape in the offseason is to keep playing basketball. However, she also cannot live without a cup of coffee before games. What else does the former U.S. Olympian do to keep her body in playing shape?

Find out what other WNBA players had to say about their fitness routines.

Edwards is not ready to play unless she has her Starbucks coffee before a game.
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What is your favorite exercise for your lower body?
Some of my favorite exercises for the lower body are running, agility drills and low impact weights. These exercises not only help strengthen the body, but help to prevent injuries and provide better foot speed.

How about for upper body?
Exercises for my upper body that I do include shoulder presses, lat pulls and curls. These exercises provide leaner arms and help improve my muscles' endurance.

What do you do in terms of cardio exercise?
I enjoy biking and running on an outdoor track.

How do you work out on your off days during the season?
During my off days during the season I rest... I rest actively with the remote control!

What do you do to stay in shape during the offseason?
To stay in shape in the offseason, I mostly play ball.

What would you say is your toughest fitness challenge?
My toughest fitness challenge is jogging.

Is there a fitness goal that you’ve set for yourself that you’re working towards?
My current fitness goal is to condition my body to play 40 minutes.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get into better shape for playing basketball?
The advice I'd give is to approach your goal with determination and discipline, play a lot of hoops and work really, really hard to get in shape.

How would you describe the role that fitness plays in your life?
The role of fitness is my life is two-fold. First, I stay fit so I can remain healthy. Secondly, fitness is important for successful conditioning in basketball.

Is there a song or particular type of music that you listen to while you’re working out?
I'll listen to anything.

Is there a fitness product on t.v. (e.g., ab roller, thigh master, etc.) that makes you laugh the most?
Every "cotton pickin'" one of them makes me laugh... all hype!

Is there a certain food/meal that you like to eat before games?
I just try eating something light prior to games. I have a weakness for coffee and vegetable spring rolls. And, I enjoy veggies as a healthy snack.

When did you start working out?
I started working out in junior high school - age 12. I was in the best shape of my life in 1996 around the Olympics.

How has your fitness routine changed?
How has my fitness routine changed over the years?...Age!

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