Did you know that Houston Comets guard Cynthia Cooper is an avid rollerblader?

Get the inside scoop on what else 'Coop' does to stay in shape.

Find out what other WNBA players had to say about their fitness routines.

Cooper likes to run, and is looking forward to running with her children.
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What is your favorite cardio exercise?
"My favorite cardio exercise is running. Distance. I enjoy distance running. Anywhere from three to six miles. It is my favorite, my absolute favorite. As a matter of fact, that's the first thing I asked the doctor after I got injured, when will I be able to run again? And he was like, 'At six weeks'."

How do you stay in shape during the offseason?
During the offseason I run, but I do pretty much everything in the offseason. So I run, I do the EFX machine (that's the ski machine without the hands), I also ride the bike. But I like being outdoors, so I like to rollerblade. I do a lot of rollerblading and cycling. When I rollerblade, I get a really good workout. I go out for anywhere from six to 10 miles, and I go up and down hills. Sometimes I do sprints on the rollerblades. I have several little paths around my neighborhood that I use to train, whether it's running or rollerblading or cycling.

When you go jogging, do you take the babies with you?
I just bought a new double-wide stroller. We already had the double long. But I bought a double-wide, so that I can go jogging with the babies. I think they're going to love it.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get into better shape for playing hoops?
Play. I think I would say play as much as possible. And then the other thing is, I got better when I worked out on my own. I took the initiative to work on my own game and every year I would add something to my game. Which means you never arrive. The only way you can continue to get better is if you work at it, and it's not always in the team setting. You have to work out on your own. So I would say your individual workouts would definitely help you get better.

Are there any specific drills that you enjoy or find helpful to your game?
I do shooting drills. I'm not a natural shooter. I'm a made shooter, so I really do a lot of shooting drills. I do sprint workouts by myself as well. My team might be fine, but I might need to do more sprint work, so I'll do that on my own. I'll then I shoot free throws, just to help me get ready for the fatigue of a game and shooting free throws during a game. I also work on different one-on-one moves. I might see it on television, I might see a guy do it, and I'll work on those moves so that when I do them in a game, hopefully they'll come naturally to me. I do a lot of individual work on specific moves, not only shooting drills.

How important important is fitness and working out in your life?
I think that's important. To try and create as much as possible a game situation, mentally, physically, and I try to do that. But you can't always have that type of intensity. What's important is that you work and that you work to your ability. You don't say, "O.K., I'm here by myself, so I can quit early today." Don't cheat yourself. And that's one thing I can tell you I never do. I will never cheat Cynthia. I'll always work extra. I'll never cheat myself.

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